About me

My name is Vi Tran. I am a web/graphic design major. I have always been interested in Japanese manga. In fact, it is primarily why I was active on the net in the first place.

It all started out when I found the first three volumes of Fushigi Yuugi by Yuu Watase in my local public library. After reading the manga, I was in love with the pretty artworks and began searching for similar stuff online.  One thing lead to another and I got interested in making my own Fushigi Yuugi fan site, which was never completed but I learned HTML and some Photoshop in the process.

I didn't really have access to manga until companies like Viz and Tokyopop began licensing more Japanese work and translating them to English. Nowadays there are scanlation sites. However, most of the manga I read before then was from public libraries. It takes week and often months before I can read the entire series in order. Sometimes I would get volume 13 before volume 5, etc. Frustrated with this, I look for cheaper alternative to owning these manga (they cost roughly $10 in bookstores before taxes). This is when eBay comes in, I used my dad's account and began buying and selling gently used manga :D. This pretty much brought me where I am at today, amassing a pretty impressive collection of English manga and original Japanese artbook of the same series.

About Plumeris Collection

Plumeris Collection is a personal site dedicated to my manga and artbook collections. Here you will find some reviews, although biased according to my taste, and information on Japanese shoujo manga and artbooks. Hopefully it will interests you into starting your own manga collection.

Plumeris - is a word I made up from one of my favorite flower, plumeria. It is the name I used for one of my character in a MMORPG I'm currently playing, Aion

About Current site design

plumeris collection

This design is created in Adobe Photoshop CS5, sliced with Imageready 7, and coded in Dreamweaver. It looks best under 1024*768 resolution and above.

Color scheme is based on don't waste glitter palette by synisternyaa of COLOURlovers.

The floating rose petals is from a brush set I made scanned from Suzue Miuchi's manga Glass Mask.

Font used for the logo is Sweetly Broken by Brittney Murphy

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