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Hino Matsuri - Vampire Knight Illustrations

Vampire Knight Illustrations

This review is going to be so biased. I love Vampire Knights. I love Hino Matsuri's art style. I like the "roundness" of her character designs which reminds me of why I like shoujo manga in the first place.

This book is hardcovered. There is one attached pull out poster. It's only printed on one side. I guess I am used to double sided pullout posters, not that I would ever pull them out from my artbooks :X The poster is of the same illustration used the book cover.

All of the artworks in this book is dedicated to Vampire Knight. Most of the pictures are combination of either Yuki, Yuki & Zero, Yuki & Kaname, or all 3 of them. There are some pictures of other side characters but mostly it's just the 3 main characters in various poses.

There are a lot of color images in either 1 or 2 page spread. There is one thing that annoys me though: portrait image rotated so they can take over 2 page spread.

Rating: 4.0/5

Arina Tanemura - The Gentleman's Alliance CROSS Illustrations

The Gentleman's Alliance CROSS Illustrations

This is my 3rd artbooks from Arina Tanemura. I opted for the English translated version instead of the original Japanese since it was cheaper. And at the time, Amazon listed it for only $13.59 instead of the normal $19.99 price tag. It was a steal combined with free shipping :)

Onto the artworks, I don't really like Arina Tanemura style, the eyes are just way too out of proportion for me. However, having already read her manga, her character designs sort of grow on me. This book is similar to her other two books. Nothing new really popped out. I don't regret buying it since it was cheap but I wouldn't miss it if I don't have it either.

Rating: 3.5/5

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