The Couple

Nida Kriangtantiwongse

Baby Nida
Baby Nida

Nida was born on July 22, 1982, to Vichai (Vick) Kriangtantiwongse and Boonluck (Dang) Trinh. She is the eldest of four children. Nida is born and raised in Santa Clara County. She moved to San Diego, California to obtain her business degree at San Diego State University, but ended up finishing back in the Bay Area.

Nida became a Lambda Lil Sis towards the end of her college years and did her share of partying from Thursday to Saturday each week (not sure how that happened). She graduated in 2006 from California State University, East Bay with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and has been working as a Marketing Coordinator at Hensel Phelps (general contracting firm) ever since. Aside from her day-to-day work schedule, Nida enjoys spending time with her baby Oreo and future husband, relaxing, snowboarding, spending time with friends and family, eating bacon and anything with BUTTER, and sleeping.

Alex Tran

Baby Nida
Baby Alex

Alex was born on September 25, 1984 to Dinh and Kim Tran who both migrated from Vietnam in the 1970s and is the eldest of two children. After attending high school at Independence, Alex decided to leave the Bay Area bubble and move to Southern California to attend college at the University of California, Irvine and obtained a major in International Studies. During his tenure at UCI, Alex joined ??F (PAPHI), an Asian interest fraternity, which remains a deep rooted part of his life through many of his extended friends. In 2006, after graduating, Alex decided to move back to the Bay Area with his parents and to be closer to the woman that would eventually change his life for the better.

Alex is currently the OEM Sales Manager at Arista Corporation headquartered out of Fremont, CA. Aside from working in sales, Alex enjoys meeting new people, traveling, playing poker and, most of all, making new memories with his friends from both Southern and Northern California - typically over a few drinks. Alex looks forward to building his life in Milpitas with Nida and Oreo, their beloved Shitzu-Chihuahua, and all the exciting adventures life has in store for them.

How It All Happened

Nida's Side of the Story

It all started with a girl's roadtrip to SoCal to visit Diana La and Ha Le. Diana had just moved to Santa Barbara and Ha to Irvine. Once we arrived in Irvine, Ha had arranged to take us girls to a fraternity party in San Diego, California.

At that time, none of us were 21 yet, except for one. While at the club, the girls decided to get sneaky and swap the wristband around so that we could get into the blocked off bar area. Little did I know that Alex had his eyes on us the whole time and knew what we were up too. While dancing, I had noticed he was practically a wall flower the whole time watching me. So to make sure I wasn't trippen, I danced around to see if his eyes kept following me. Sure enough, they did! I finally got tired of dancing and decided to lean against the wall near him. That's when he decided to strike up a conversation with me. We danced, exchanged numbers, and never talked or texted for two years because I had a boyfriend at that time. However, once that relationship ended, the texting began. We texted, talked, and hung out for several years... until finally, Alex decided to drop his "player status" and asked me to be his girlfriend. Who knew that I would marry some guy I met at a club!

Alex's Side of the Story

It started off as another normal weekend night in college. My brothers and I were hosting a party in San Diego and invited everybody we knew. One of those persons happened to be Ha Le, a mutual friend of ours and a great friend till this day. I was not even 21 years old yet and walked into the club with those big black "X"s on my hands. Ha was celebrating some event and had invited most of her girls down from Nor*Cal (which, at the time, referred to themselves as the AlphaDatables), among this crazy group... Nida had arrived.

As the night began, I calmly and strategically placed myself towards the dance floor and up against a wall and began scoping out my prey. The night was going well and I had been catching up with friends when all of a sudden Nida, this young yet still older girl came striding towards me like a lioness stalking her prey. She placed herself right next to me and started up a conversation. Being the calm and collective type I was, I hinted to this lioness she was oh so attractive and that we should continue this conversation elsewhere, but before she could oblige she was pulled away by her pack of friends. The night progressed and eventually the club music turned down and the ceiling lights turned on. There, as I was saying my goodbyes, I see Nida walking towards the exit... we make eye contact. I decided since the crazy, attractive lioness had put so much effort into approaching me, I would return the favor and ask for her number... she gave in without hesitation.

That my friends was the beginning of the end... (at least that's how I remember it).