Levinshore IS

Aion0005Good thing I no longer care about PVP, at least not as much as before. Yuuyake needs a new name. I’m not bukkake dammit.



Is there a reason why this residential insta-fear, fear locking, always zerging SM is far superior than any other SM in NA? Korean’s fears > Other fears?

8:34:03 PM: Kurrie: : Funeral > every other sm though..

And holy, my old setup produces some ugly screenshots. 15″ windowed 1080p resolution. It’s no wonder my eyes are deteriorating.

funeral-sl (1)

yes i was mad too…

funeral-sl (2)

Fear in 3v1. (my useless sin in shadow walk leeching off shiibi’s officer kills.)

funeral-sl (3)


funeral-sl (4)

spirit sub + fear 1

funeral-sl (1)

unique opener hue

funeral-sl (5)


funeral-sl (6)

fear in 2v1

funeral-sl (8)

fear in 3v1

funeral-sl (7)


funeral-sl (9)

diff from above ss

funeral-sl (10)

fear shriek 5v1

funeral-sl (11)

i ate all 3 fears when he has 5-6 other asmos roaming nearby


Tiamat & Siel “PVP”


This makes it a lot easier to quit… I can’t even do my PVE dailies in the Eyes, let alone the PVP ones. The lesser crown reward is totally not worth it dying multiple times to zerg as rank 1 here.