No. 5 Prosperity’s Light Village

No. 5 Prosperity's Light Village, Apex State, Oriel

No. 5 Prosperity’s Light Village, Apex State, Oriel

Had to say goodbye to Masumi’s 2nd home. I was gonna bid on it for my alt but some RMTer was willing to drop a lot on it.



No idea what closing price was but this is a lot… Too bad I can only bring 1 bil to Tiamat.

NC needs to fix their server. Good thing this is AFK dredge.

Plumeris vs Calista AFK Dredge


This _ _ _ _ has the gall to train me at bridge surk, so I basically locked her out and let her die to mobs after that and took surk for myself :)

Anyways, not my problem, I don’t like people tagging along when I’m soloing my dredge. They usually spend their times not helping but leech.

Calista: lol, bet you wish there was a solo dredge
Plumeris: yep i dont appreciate people training me
Calista: well, don’t appreciate people who don’t help their team
Calista: greedy much?
Plumeris: if u want point, go ahead and farm it on ur own
Calista: LOL, like I said, greedy much??
Plumeris: or should i say leech much
Plumeris: learn to solo or afk like everyone else
Calista: it’s a team entry noob, not SOLO, l2p
Plumeris: its afk
Plumeris: deal with it
Plumeris: if u want team effort, go join a real group
Plumeris: if ur there to make points while majority of the group afk, learn to solo
Calista: lol, your attitude is just greedy, face it
Plumeris: and ur just as much, butthurt u cant farm as fast?

Hypocritical bitch blocked me after that lol. PM me first was all her and can’t come up with a better response was also her…/facepalm




Saw this message right after I logged out of dredge lol.

10:45:51 PM: Pwnds: and that my friend judt got you and your acct REPORTED
10:46:32 PM: Pwnds: we’ll be in contact with you in a couple of days….

On another note, plum finally got her last IS piece, after 151 runs.

QE T-Dredge

I’ve been doing dredges and TS a lot of my baby cleric and songweaver because I needed the AP for stigma.  I’m tired of running with noobs that are too cheap to pop a single scroll. Basically, on both my toons, I play the role of tank, dps, and cleric.

Anyways, starting today, I put this in my profile lol

Scrolls up or no heals

Scrolls up or no heals

It’s pretty nice, the QE dredge I got in on songweaver today, everyone except the temp scrolled up. He said this after I healed everyone in first room except him and proceed to AFK the entire run. We ended up winning anyways :D

10:08:13 PM: Ailleana-SL: no reason to scroll. no heals.
10:08:21 PM: Ailleana-SL: ill just die anyways
10:08:23 PM: Ailleana-SL: gl afk
10:08:25 PM: Me: good u notice

I see no reason why I have to waste my resources carrying scrubs that are too cheap to do their parts right. Don’t expect me to be a pocket healer when they can’t dps or tank properly.

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

Badwolf Dredge

Badwolf Dredge

Decided to do dredge yesterday because I’m using Mizuchi’s AP to feed my baby chanter lol.


Ryojin DLR

3rd welfare DLR run with Bjay and Simplydupin. We do DLR 3-4 times a day now. I’m lucky I got multiple toons. A lot of ppl used scrolls which is super expensive in the long run.

Oh yea,  I died due to adds and that’s my ping during burn phase. Good thing it was after switch myself around and gave both groups wow and woq.