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Jewel Box Kaori Minakami Illustrations

Jewel Box Kaori Minakami Illustrations
Artist: Kaori Minakami
ISBN: 4797344769
Published: 2007
List Price: ¥ 2800
Pages: 127
Size: A4 Large
Extra: attached poster
Book Rating: 4/5
Artwork Rating: 2/5

Boring book with very nice cover art. The artist needs to amp up the contrast. Soft pastel with plain background reads extra extra extra boring.

The cute girls in cute clothing can’t save it because they’re so expressionless. The cover art and the illustrations in last photo here are probably some of the few better pieces.

Jewel CARNELIAN ARTWORKS Limited Edition

Jewel CARNELIAN ARTWORKS Limited Edition

ISBN: 4331900802
Published: 2012
List Price: ¥ 3000
Pages: 160
Size: A4 Small
Extra: Ore Sketchbook
Book Rating: 5/5
Artwork Rating: 3/5

I paid $39 after going through 3 bookoff stores with nothing to buy. $39 is a lot for bookoff pricing but it was in brand new condition. My copy is the limited edition and it comes with an additional 15 page b/w sketchbook titled Ore CARNELIAN ARTWORKS. Normal edition has the green cover below. I prefer normal cover art over this. Blue is so overused in CG arts.

This book is a gem for people into this style, just not for me. There are some nice pieces and some that are too naughty to be photographed. The high page count and illustrations justify the expensive price tag. Most of the illustrations are full sized. There are a few double spreads and a few with multiple images.