Wow, I don’t even want to look at another word press installation file again. I had to reinstall word press 3x for both my domains, this one and  I even went as far as looking up mySQL codes, haven’t done that for almost 10 years now lol.

I finally got off my lazy butt and revamp my portfolio website. Somehow, I didn’t like this domain as a portfolio URL. Too bad doesn’t look good; otherwise I’d be like everyone else and use my own name as domain name.

photography page

photography page

Fred took most of these photos. I edit them.

portfolio page

portfolio page

portfolio closeup

portfolio closeup

PSDcovers is awesome

PSDcovers is awesome

new resume design

new resume design

Yea, I thought the old floral motif was a bit immature and I’d like my resume to match my website :)

ART 4230 Graphic Design Senior Project

Making these collages is more tedious than making the actual invitations. I gave up trying to photograph them because the envelopes refuse to stay flat and I spent too much time designing these liners to keep them hidden.

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom – Bubinga Brown Wood Grain Envelopes

This is the first design and I made so many adjustments with it.  Copymat is the best place to print this but they are closed atm.

Succulent - Tindalo Brown Wood Grain Envelopes

Succulent – Tindalo Brown Wood Grain Envelopes

Succulent - Taupe Brown Recycled Envelopes

Succulent – Taupe Brown
Recycled Envelopes

My scanner made this much darker than real life.

Rose - Kraft Brown Recycled Envelopes

Rose – Kraft Brown
Recycled Envelopes

I spent a lot of money on baker’s twine for this project. I don’t even use them that much =/

Rose - Bright White Linen Envelopes

Rose – Bright White
Linen Envelopes

No more glossy paper for envelope liners, too much creasing and lumps from the glue. Neither Copy Pacific nor Office Max Impress print the pale mint background on RSVP and Save the Date card correctly -.-

City Night - Bright White Linen Envelopes

City Night – Bright White
Linen Envelopes

This one is bilingual, although it is ironic that most couples traditional enough to print their invites in Vietnamese won’t be using colors this dark.

I like the envelope liner for this design the best. You basically open up a mostly black card and the liner peeking out from behind is purple. The reverse applies to the RSVP and Thank you card envelopes which uses b/w liner.

Wedding Invitation – Rose

Can’t wait to see the printed version. This is the last design for my senior project and it is also the hardest. I have problem picking out which images I wanted to use. I know I wanted Victorian rose but I also don’t want it to look dated. I need to look into another fancy serif font for body text, too much Century Gothic lol.

I have two envelope colors plan for this design, taupe and beige. Either color will create a whole different look though :)

Also, I changed the bride’s name several times after finishing because of some ugly leading issues.



Main invitation design is on white background because I wanted a nice contrast between my envelope liner and the actual card. I initially opted for extra white-space, no flowers in corner at all but the design look like it belonged in a totally different invitation set.



I really like how the RSVP turned out :D


Driving Direction

Made this as a bonus because I found actual driving direction to the venue from their official website.


Save the date

Business Card Design

Redesigned by business card so it’ll match the resume and cover letter.





I still want a clean back design that doesn’t look like a tarot card.

Portfolio Website

Finished my portfolio website for class.  Coming up with the text for the about me page is hard. I hate writing stuff about myself.  The splash page is plain. I hate splash page but I installed another copy of WordPress into a different directory so I have no choice but to use one this time.


about me page


portfolio item page