Aion Character Names + Vision Stigma

Aion Character Names

How I name my characters reflect what manga I was into at the time. My new obsession is Hapi Mari but both Hokuto’s first and last names are taken :(


  • Elysianskies (SL) -> Airashii (SL) – My first cleric, named after this domain. Airashi is Japanese for pretty
  • Viii (SL) -> Viiii (TM) – Originally Fred’s toon. I came up with the bright ideas of naming our alts after each other. Some asmo on Tiamat has Viii already.
  • Shakuyaku (SL) -> Idealised (TM) – Shakuyaku is Japanese for peony. Idealised is Aussie English for idealized
  • Superclicker (TM) –  Meant to be a mule toon. I only have confidence in this name if I play cleric or sm haha
  • Koiji (TM) – Japanese for romance.


  • Ryokan (SL) -> Idealized (SL/TM) – Originally Fred’s toon. I don’t know what Ryokan mean. Idealized is an art term when things are described more perfect than they appear.
  • Arteezy (TM) – Originally Voo’s toon, named after some famous Dota player
  • Kaihaku (TM) – Japanese for light gray


  • Plumeris (SL/TM) – Plumeria + polaris, I used to like the flower and the song fly me to polaris :)
  • Mizuchi (SL) -> Kuran (TM) – this is Fred’s toon. Mizuchi is some sort of sea serpent. Kuran is Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight. He is modelled after Kaname as well.
  • HimeHajime (TM) – Japanese slang for first sex of the year lol
  • Glasseraii (TM) – glassera + roman numeral. Leveled from the sm army account and is named after my gunner
Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight

Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight


  • Masumi (SL) -> Vied (TM) – Originally a male toon. Named after Masumi Hayami from the manga Glass Mask
  • Fujin (SL) – Yuuyake (TM) -> Artesian (TM) – Originally Fred’s main. This glad had many name changes (6+) since launch. Yuuyake is Japanese for sunset but Voo abused that name too much that I had to change it. Artesian is named after a city in SoCal called Artesia.
  • Wysterian (TM) – Originally a friend of a friend’s toon. The old name is ugly; Wysterian is another made up word for the flower wisteria
  • Glassera (TM) – glass + era, no significant meaning

    Glassmask Crew - Masumi is on far right

    Glass Mask crew – Masumi is on far right


  • Ivytran (Ariel) -> Ivy (SL) – Ivy used to be my old web nickname, not my legit name.
  • Lyocell (TM) – a type of rayon fabric

Aion 4.8 Vision Stigma

Aion 4.8 Vision Stigma

Aion 4.8 Vision Stigma

  • Plumeris – Infernal Blight
  • Vied – Glacial Shard
  • Idealised – Call Lightning
  • Viiii – Call Lightning
  • Koiji – Benevolence
  • Idealized – Elemental Screen

Need 1 more noble grace for another heal spec vision.

Aion Tiamat Housing

I’m finally rich enough to afford no soul sickness for Plum and sorc. Sorc’s house is next to Cara. She has the exact same house (2nd one) I had back on Siel.

Dad’s Birthday