Ouke no Monshou Illus & Message Album

Ouke no Monshou Illus & Message Album
細川知栄子 イラスト集 王家の紋章 プリンセスロマン
Artist: Chieko Hosokawa
Published: 1982
List Price: ¥ 680
Pages: 64
Size: A4 Small
Extra: none
Book Rating: 5/5
Artwork Rating: 5/5

I paid ¥ 5000 for this in 2005. Total cost after deputy fee was about $100. Nice to know that it is now worth ¥ 20000 lol.

This is a thin book. Binding is still nice and tight despite its age. The book itself is older than me so I won’t nitpick over editing. There are a lot of double spreads. 18/64 pages are b/w consisting of a manga short as well as character info.