Aion 4.0 Tome & Orb

I didn’t bother with IS because they require set bonus. Surprisingly DR orb is actually better than EB.

// nm just realized EB orb and tome got slightly higher base stats. I lost roll on an EB Tome today too. Oh well.


China Glaze Stone Cold

China Glaze Stone Cold

This is why I’m rarely seen with mani-pedi nowadays. I’m super lazy at cleaning them and they chip way too easily. I would do my nails at 3am and literally after waking up the next morning I would find at least 1 chip. Picture shown is approximately 48 hours and of my LEFT hand!

I’m going to throw out my China Glaze polish collection. Their color selection is amazing but I hated their lasting power.  Anyways, I just ordered 10 Essie bottles. We’ll see how they perform.

  • Essie – Twin Sweater Set (vibrant crimson red)
  • Essie – Limited Addiction (a racy garnet red)
  • Essie – Hip-Anema (a poppy-bright red orange)
  • Essie – Chinchilly (a sleek granite gray)
  • Essie – Master Plan (a mischievous soft gray)
  • Essie – Sew Psyched (a cashmere-soft sage pewter)
  • Essie – Absolutely Shore (a soft sea foam green)
  • Essie – Maximillian Strasse Her (a cool grey green)
  • Essie – St. Lucia lilac (a creamy pale lilac)
  • Essie – Marshmallow (a cloudy sheer white, perfect for a french manicure)
  • Essie – Matte About You
  • Essie – Instant Dry Oil
  • Essie – Top Coat
  • Essie – Protein Base Coat

yea, too many shades in the same color families but I love grays and reds too much.



My bard is so freakin cute not to mention super lucky in DR. I got mythic weapon box first run. The stats was pretty bad though. Bought a weapon tuning scroll and got this.


Lunatic Modor’s Harp

IS 4K+ DPS ~ almost


Gladiator – 1 wow except for the 2nd ss


Cleric – Crosserver runs are from October, 2 wow for melee

Yea, I can’t find a lot of cleric screenshots pushing over 4k.  I barely hit 4k in one run but thats counting a couple godstones. Without godstones, it’s probably ~3.9k ish.


Sorceror – WOQ, no mp feeding bard, no IB sm, no mantras


Ranger – with mantras and wow


Assassin – Mantras + wow, double wow if 2 chanters