Enraged Hyperion’s Mace Set

Lets see,

Viii got her full Enraged Hyperion’s Mace set today. 2 full IS sets + accessories set in 138 runs. That’s not bad at all. The only thing I “need” from IS on Viii is the other mythic ring just to look pretty.

Other updates, Masumi got IS orb, it is +15. Same goes for Plumeris. Plumeris also got 6 slots DR tome on 17th kill, pretty good RNG.

Lunatic Modor's Spellbook

Lunatic Modor’s Spellbook

It has crappy bonus stats but at least it is 6 slots. I hated the tome though, it burns through almost 1 billion kinah and is still +10 :(

ART 4740 Professional Practices – Resume & Cover Letter Design

I hate drafting up content for my resume. It is even worse when I have to write the cover letter as well. Oh well, I had some help from Fred. Whenever I have to provide the text content in my design, I usually ended up with design block. Last week, I could not find a right spot for the flower at all.

Vi Tran is a very short name. It’s really hard to find a font that suit it perfectly. I think I will stick to this one permanently. It’s called Bebas by Flat-it.

Cover Letter - Revised

Cover Letter – Revised



I designed the resume before the cover letter. Needless to say, I like the resume design more. I love making list so this was the perfect opportunity for it.

Cleric 4.0 DPS

Incensed Hyperion’s Staff Set

I got my full DPS set on Viiii somewhere along my 70th IS run.  That IS staff is fused with a second IS staff. I am at my 100th today too, still haven’t gotten anything new.


Cleric Infinity Shard DPS

  • 2270822 – 3.524k
  • 2302036 – 3.69k
  • 2094162 – 3.768k
  • 1602281 – 3.298k (I was suppose to be healing but I dps anyways)
Cleric DR DPS

Cleric Danuar Reliquary DPS

  • 1870776 – 3.836k
  • 2061608 – 3.715k
  • 2152513 – 3.565k (they fuck my MP over by making me BP)
  • 1989126 – 3.847k

Seems like I attract drama everywhere I go. Either that or baddie clerics love to have beef with me. Tiamat’s getting not fun. I might just transfer back after Plum is geared.

On another  note, Masumi got the IS orb today. I made Pattt log in my account and +15 it :)