Sorcerers/Spiritmasters in DLR

Tiamat in DLR

Tiamat in DLR


  • Depends on your group setup, more often than not you are given 2 woq on top of wow.
  • In a crappy run (adds on dps, deaths, multiple fogs), sorcs and sm are expected to do minimum 600k damage in whatever time it take before entire group wipe.
  • In a smooth run (no adds on dps, no deaths, 1 fog) sorcs are expected to do at least ~3.5k dps and sm are expected to do 4.5k+ with their tempest. SM should be able to pull minimum 2.5-3.5k and 1.2-1.6k dps more on their tempest.
  • In a no fog run, sorcs are expected 4k and sm are 5k+.
  • Sorcs should be in MB gear with 3200 MB/200 Magical Crit with scroll. SM should try to get near that number as well but 3100+ will do. Do not rely on your chanter for the MB bonus since they’re most likely away from you kiting adds.
  • Pot like a bot if your DPS healing cleric is a baddie and doesn’t heal you.

At Calindi:

  • Don’t hit boss on reflect (Hallucination Victory).
  • Turn on your system sound, you should be able to hear it when a red ring of fire spawns on you, move away. It sounds like an agro beep. If you can’t hear it, you can still see it, move anyways.
  • If your cleric is being a baddie and you are at half health and you see incoming Hallucination Victory on your screen, pot, use anti shock scroll or whatever it takes to reduce the incoming damage.
  • Don’t run across the fire

At Incarnates:

  • Don’t stand directly under boss.

At Tiamat:

  • If you die, self rez.
  • If adds/gravity crusher spawn on you, move 5m away
  • If you die with gravity crusher on top of you, ask for loci

Stigma: glacial shard, ice harpoon, exchange vitality
Consumables: self rez stone, scrolls, recovery pots, and mind crystal/life crystal if you’re rich!

  • Save all big burst for surkanas during Calindi fight (Flame spray/Glacial shard/Inferno/Storm strike).
  • If you get woq at one of the incarnate rooms, save magic assist for the other incarnate.
  • If your tank can’t hold agro and you are tanking incarnate, DO NOT BLIND LEAP. Use Boon of Peace while spamming Boon of Ironclad and Exchange Vitality to keep yourself alive.
  • Watch when you do Exchange Vitality, obviously not when Tiamat is spitting out fire or there are adds roaming around near you. Make sure you still have Stone Skin up as well.
  • Stamina Absorption and pot after Exchange Vitality.
  • Do not override spiritmaster’s Cursed Cloud with your ghetto Curse of Weakness. You shouldn’t bring that into DLR anyways.
  • Aetheric Spell does more damage than Lightburst. Use 3-4 Aetheric Spells and save Light Burst for PVP later!
  • If adds spawn near you, use Boon of Ironclad/Boon of Peace and move! If no adds, save those skills for fog.

Stigma (1 sm): infernal blight, armor spirit, and cyclone of wrath
Stigma (2 sm): infernal blight, cyclone of wrath, sympathetic mind, and soul torrent/spirit wall of protection.
Consumables: self rez stone, scrolls, MP pots, AP mana pots

  • Use fire spirit at Calindi. I’ve seen people with water spirit, stupid!
  • If you get woq at one of the incarnate rooms, save infernal blight for the other incarnates.
  • Summon Tempest when you start fighting Tiamat, it lives for 20 min anyways, no reason to wait.
  • Let your Tempest to approach Tiamat from the far right so it doesn’t get hit by fire. (I’ll try to get a pic of this later)
  • Use your 2k DP buff on Tempest 25% into the fight.
  • Infernal blight right in beginning of Tiamat burn phase (51%).
  • If you die and only have 4k DP, Tempest > Cursed Cloud.
  • Don’t Cursed Cloud right away. People will knock it off if you use it too early.
  • If adds spawn near your tempest early, use Elemental Spirit Armor. Your tempest will die at fog later but at least it lives long enough to do majority of the needed DPS.
  • Use Elemental Spirit Armor before fog, your tempest will live through it.
  • If adds spawn near you, use Spirit Preserve/Contract of Resistance and move! If no adds, save those skills for fog.

Healing Cleric in DLR

Wrote this last night because I failed DLR 2/3 runs today and most of the blames are on bad clerics that aren’t even kiting. I should publish a kiting cleric/chanter/dps guide too haha.

Healing Cleric in DLR
You are responsible for everyone in your group along with the 3 clothie DPS in the other group. So drag their names out from alliance menu and watch if their HP drop. Sorcerers will do exchange vitality roughly 60-90 sec into burn phase, heal them. Don’t expect kiting chanter and cleric to do it because they are busy with adds.

Your group’s goal in DLR is to unleash ~4.5M dmg in the shortest amount of time, ideally under 3.5min. Keep your DPS health up at all time. DPS are responsible for the first self-rez but if they die more than once, it is your job as a cleric/chanter to rez them.

Stigma: Benevolence, Noble Grace, and Hand of Reincarnation/Saving Grace.
Gear: Full MR Kahrun is ideal but honestly anything with a cast speed gloves will do. I healed DLR in my welfare arena gear before I get enough Kahrun for my set.

Tiamat does 2 AOEs on top of auto attack on the tank (usually glad or sin). Just rotate Healing Light -> Light of Recovery -> Radiant Cure on them, very basic stuff.

The AOEs are Ultimate Atrocity and Dragon Lord’s Claw. Dragon Lord’s Claw don’t hit for much so it’s usually not a problem.

Ultimate Atrocity however is a series of 3 aoes that does 2-3k dmg every 2s. It will kill a sin if you are careless. Fortunately, Ultimate Atrocity has a long cast time. Turn on Target’s Targets Skill Gauge so you can see when Tiamat cast this and time your heals. I usually do Splendor of Recovery followed by Healing Wind. Either way, every time you see Tiamat cast Ultimate Atrocity, make sure to do 2 aoe heals back to back.

Unless your group is super pro with 4-5 people pulling minimum 4k DPS, chances are you will have at least 1 fog. When it happens, everyone gets a big aoe dmg ranging from 4k-9k in addition to a stun. (I don’t remember which goes first, the big dmg or the stun).But anyways, pop Brilliant Protection, and wait a couple second after to Acquittal.

I usually pop my Immortal Shroud or whatever shield I have to avoid getting stunned. Watch for people HP here though. This is when a new set of adds go crazy and pounce on dps.

If add spawn on you/range dps (people out of group), pop life curtain and use Ripple of Purification. This way add will come to you and your heal will land on the clothie dps who aren’t in your group. Hopefully your kiting peeps will do their jobs and grab those adds off you.

If add spawn on your melee dps (people in your group), use amplification or blessed shield and aoe heal them. Do not let your tank die.

Also, if gravity crusher (looks like a lamp post and hit like a truck) spawns on your range dps, they would have to move and be hit by fire as well. Heal them.

If your group dps too much and fog hit early (25% instead of later), pop Brilliant Protection right away. So everyone will live through it and continue fighting. Fog happens when the ground turned gray-ish white. If an early fog hit, you want to BP and pop all your heal buffs to keep people up.

If 2nd fog hit, your group should be prepared for it. Pop Acquittal when the floor turn white again, don’t wait for the stun (when people HP’s bar turn green). Your chanter should be prepared to use Elemental Screen or Word of Spellstopping. After that Noble Grace/Sage Wisdom to top everyone’s HP.

Always use cast speed scroll, cast speed mace is not enough!
Mana/ap mana pots, rez stones. Have 8k DP ready. Be in heal spec stigma.
Don’t stand in the fire/spikes.
Don’t stand near gravity crusher.
Don’t stand near adds.
Squishy people in DLR: rangers, sins, and DPS chanters. Watch their health.
Don’t just tunnel vision in keeping the tank alive only. You have to watch for your environment and listen to instruction. It’s a 3min fight and you have a lot of skills to keep people alive. Make good use of them.
TLTR version:
Advanced Healing Tips and Tricks – Read/absorb/apply this thread and you’ll be super pro at pve healing.

Graphic Design 2 Project 3

Book Jacket

Book Jacket

This is a step up from the previous draft I did. I used dark blue background instead of black since I hate white/red text on black. It’s unoriginal and it hurt my poor eyes.

Old Book Jacket

Old Book Jacket

I used Thuan’s legs for the (old) cover. I scrapped this idea since it wasn’t “high fashion” enough. There’s something ballerina-ish about it with the way her legs were crossed.  The updated version used a new color scheme, different from what I usually do. Some people in class suggested going all black but I don’t want to.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Updated table of contents page. I got complains that the old version was too plain so I added the vertical line and the model again.

Chapter Spread

Chapter Spread

So called first page of each chapter design.

All dummy text came from Tyra Banks’ novel Modelland. Original model image is from istockphoto. I revector it and mod the dress so it looks like an LBD. I kept the original boots cuz they look badass.


No. 2 Betua Glen Village, Arcadia State

No. 2 Betua Glen Village, Arcadia State

No. 2 Betua Glen Village, Arcadia State

At last no soul sickness for my baby chanter. I paid  a lot more than I intended though (500M). Oh well,  kinah is easy to farm. Arcos is my neighbor too lol