Plus 15

Sky Dragon Emperor's Durable Staff

Sky Dragon Emperor’s Durable Staff

Viii’s pve weapon. I only have a little over 3100 mb after food. Still too low.  I did enchant it myself from +12 to +15. Failed down to +10 twice. Fortunately, it didn’t fail lower than that.

Vasharti's Jewel

Vasharti’s Jewel

Plum’s pve weapon. Canarie did this for me. Cost roughly 240 mil to go from +13 to +15.

Ravager's Jewel

Ravager’s Jewel

This is Masumi ghetto pve weapon. Canarie did this as well. It was basically free going from +13 to +15. I wish I have his RNG.

Graphic Design 2 Project 1 Printed

Printed version of the brochure. Fedex Kinkos couldn’t line up my front and back design properly when they printed it. Oh well.


Semi opened


Fully opened

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

Badwolf Dredge

Badwolf Dredge

Decided to do dredge yesterday because I’m using Mizuchi’s AP to feed my baby chanter lol.


Ryojin DLR

3rd welfare DLR run with Bjay and Simplydupin. We do DLR 3-4 times a day now. I’m lucky I got multiple toons. A lot of ppl used scrolls which is super expensive in the long run.

Oh yea,  I died due to adds and that’s my ping during burn phase. Good thing it was after switch myself around and gave both groups wow and woq.

Production Design 1 Project 3

Business Card design front & back

Business Card design front & back

I really want a plain and simple looking card, something like the back design. But I don’t want to get points docked for doing a half-assed job.

I printed the mock up on my canon pixma at home today. It ate my card stock and got stuck there.  Anyways, the green looked more yellow after it’s printed. Let’s hope that’s not how the professionally printed version will look.

Plumeris DLR DPS

Apr 22nd and Feb 26th

Apr 22nd and Feb 26th

Beat my record with half the alliance of pugs. Pda is canarie’s lol.

On another note, I can kite adds in DLR on both my clerics now, with no death too.