4.661k SM DPS with Tempest

Shoko is subbing for Insanewizard and Springonion is subbing for Shancookie today.  DPS was so good we didn’t get fog til 2%.  I got the wings again -.-

7 Sorcs DLR

I think Temeng and Springonion (Vivanova) wanted to challenge themselves. There were only 3 chains that run and just clothie DPS.  I applied to their group from LFG and got Kevin (Madeinazn) invited.  He finally got his first DLR kill.  Only 4 sorcs got wow and woq, Kevin and I didn’t :P  Connected came out first that run but I got 1  lucky godstone proc haha.

Oh yea, their goal was no fog at all but we got fog at 3%. All sorcs DPS weren’t as OP  as the run above.

Cute stuff


He is so adorable on that pseudo-tricycle thing.

Xmas Card from Thuan

Thank you sis, I look forward to more cards and more presents haha.


Bought 2 estates last Sunday for Masumi and Plum. I’m Epo’s neighbor on Masumi now haha.

Vibrant Garden Village, Apex State

I don’t like these housing stuff. It’s pretty stupid and is a big money hole. I burn roughly 30mil on roofs and exterior since I didn’t know they’re one time use.

I spend a lot more than the starting price on Plum’s estate too because there’s another person bidding on it :( She messaged me after losing the auction since she didn’t know there is a 30min limit on extended bid. I kinda feel bad for winning but at the time I really wanted it ><

Plumb – Cut

OMG, i just found out Emily Owens MD and 666 Park Avenue are cancelled. I have so little shows left to watch now :(

Anyways, I am back at my parents for now. It’s too cold in  Hayward.


Plumeris vs. Purrloin

Post worthy because this overgeared SM from Kahrun 8k DP me with a spirit sub/armor spirited/2k dp Tempest spirit in round 1. Lol.

Plumeris vs Purrloin

My DLR static with Kersei finally downed Tiamat a couple days ago. Nothing good so far for my SM except a bunch of kahrun coins lol.  Masumi got the mythic dagger on her first kill pugging with Temeng’s group :P.