DIY Wedding Flowers

My aunt and my mom were the best assistants ever.


4th prototype. My aunt thought of removing the eucalyptus leaves in later pieces.


We skipped the amaranthus due to time constraint at the restaurant.

Note to self: Stock is a terrible flower to put on top ~ they die.


My aunt and my mom each have a set of urns so we made 4 of these. 2 for the photo backdrops and 2 for the entrance.  The pedestals were borrowed from my other aunt.

Orchid Tree

My favorite. My uncle  chopped the Manzanita branch from the mountain for me and brought it back with my dad. My mom and aunt bought the orchids and John helped put pearls strings on these since we were running out of crystal strings for the centerpieces.

I didn’t even get to take photo here. Some rude guests were stripping all my orchids before the event ended too.

Brides & Bridesmaid Bouquet

I like how the bridesmaid bouquets turned out. I’m not too thrilled about mine however. Bouquets were kind of a disaster, I had no glue so flower heads were dropping off everyone’s bouquet.

Note to self: don’t buy floral glue ahead of time. They melt.

Groom, Groomsman, and Family Boutonnieres

I love the grooms boutonniere design. It lived slightly longer than I anticipated. Fred lasted about 2 hours.  The parents and grandparents ones are simple with a single orchid with an incredibly short life span. I don’t think those lasted longer than 1 hour. My parents had to use the family boutonniere instead.

I like the groomsman boutonniere. They match with the bridesmaid bouquet pretty well. These are the only ones with pink bow. I’m not sure why.

Family boutonnieres – I like these a lot. It’s pretty tedious making them. I did the first 25, my aunt and cousin Diana did the 2nd set of 25, they were sloppy and didn’t tape them tightly ><

The brown ribbon and bow are a nice touch. I didn’t want baby breath ~ too old fashioned and without the bow it would look too plain.

DIY Floral Suppliers

Flowers everywhere!

  • Stock Apricot Flower
  • Green Hanging Amaranthus
  • White Rice Flower

I like this place. They are very active in emailing your order status. Of the 3 items I ordered, the worse one was the Stock Apricot Flowers which barely lived. Almost a full bunch of Green Hanging Amaranthus came broken, but they were still usable. Their White Rice Flower was pricy but it’s worth it. They make nice filler for my bouquet and altar arrangements.

  • Vendela White Roses
  • Pink Finesse Roses
  • Sweet Unique Hot Pink Roses
  • Murano Pink Roses

Roses here are slightly more expensive than other places but they don’t require you to buy a massive amount of any one variety. They only deliver on Tuesday or Thursday so plan accordingly. I had mine delivered on Tuesday, the only variety that stays 100% fresh by Saturday was the Sweet Unique roses, too bad I didn’t buy more. The owner Alaina was very nice. She gave me extra flower food too.

  • Petite White Hydrangea
  • Baby Green Hydrangea

They are not very active at emailing at all. I thought they forgot about my order. The Baby Green Hydrangea was gorgeous and stayed super fresh, even the leaves were usable in my arrangement.

  • Vendela White Rose
  • Engagement Light Pink Rose
  • Faith Light Pink Rose
  • Versilia Peach Rose
  • Ivory Hypericum Berry
  • Eucalyptus Seeded
  • Isle Creamy Peach Spray Roses
  • Pink Majolika Spray Roses

I ordered flowers from here in the first place because they supposedly had “Sahara Rose” for cheap. It turned out they couldn’t get those for me :( The owner Davis Porter is considerate enough to phone and email me several times about it though.

Faith Rose was beautiful. It is a mix of lavender gray and ivory. I think I fed it too much flower food, the flower blooms 300% its original size the next day. The flower itself is not hardy though so the petals basically died 15 minutes after the stem hits my floral foam.

Engagement pink rose is a very pretty shade of pale salmon pink/coral that matches my color scheme perfectly. I bought 250 of these and they were small and hardy enough to be used as boutonniere for the families.

Versilia Peach Rose is more of a pale orange-mango shade. The blooms are small but very pretty. It works well with the Engagement pink rose.

I hate this store supplier of Vendela White Rose. They were not fresh and couldn’t stay fresh after I hydrated them. Compared to the Tuesday supply of Vendela from, these came on Thursday and look way more dead.

Ivory Hypericum Berry is a unique berry color. I didn’t want the typical green, red, or pink berries so I opted for these. They pretty much wilted after one day.

Eucalyptus Seeded are nice and fresh. I bought too much of these though.

Isle Creamy Peach Spray Roses are pretty and didn’t die that easy either.

Pink Majolika Spray Roses is similar to Faith Rose. They have a soft romantic look and wilt after a couple days.