Feather Fascinator

It’s been 1 week since I cleaned my room and it is now turning back into a little dumpster :(

Anyways, I am debating between these two headpiece to go with my wedding gown. I like the black and white one more but it is pretty big. 6″ to be exact. I don’t know if it’ll look good on me or not. That and my mom will probably bitch that it is black and white together – Asian superstition.

IDA Fascinator by GildedShadows

SOPHIA Fascinator by GildedShadows

Maggie Sottero Divina Collection Fall 2012

I know all wedding gowns are regurgitation from various style but these are too pretty. Why did they wait so long to release ><

I hate how none of these gowns come with button. Corset back is very hard to put on.

Day out with Brian

Took my cousin Brian out today. I found out some neat stuff about him. I guess he can be cool after all. Haha!

Five Guys Burger

It’s pretty good and very affordable compared to other fast food places.