Baby Pictures

Not really. I can’t find my super duper young baby pics anymore.


Peeps geared enough to hold on their own but won’t.


  1. Jazzcafe – probably the only asmos sin on the server that will be on this list


  1. Rinari
  2. Yasuto/Gna
  3. Avri
  4. Jinix

TEMPLAR – I’m sure there’s more just can’t remember

  1. Malagen
  2. Fuzz
  3. Bongbong


  1. Fairladyz
  2. Dreadlocke
  3. Styner
  4. Dissie
  5. Guccci – haven’t seen lately but I lump him with Dissie anyways
  6. Ismaire
  7. Yakudders – no idea how geared but he is in a lot of my “zerged” screenshots
  8. Dpiscies – is he banned?


  1. Funeral
  2. Dillena
  3. Shugosweets
  4. Theah
  5. Sunstorm


  1. Travel – I caught him solo once! He was transformed trying to get stragglers at Heart of Wrath lol.
  2. Citrinitas
  3. Harrowing


  1. Meeko – if you are decently geared and find him without Kelaws, he will run to the nearest asmos cleric or guards.
  2. Everr
  3. Susanyouuu
  4. All of My Freakin Mantra Went Kuku

To be fair I won’t list clerics haha. I should make an elyos edition too.

Tiamaranta’s Eye

General with heal and BG

This asmo SM is always high ranked, even when Siel and Ariel just merged. He is never ever solo however. Those 12k kill counts is straight up from alliances lol.

A certain hypocritical asmos-rerolled cleric

Threat running away as usual

Not my fault Wetfingers and Spice are there. He ran himself into more elyos. It was just me and him and he made me chase him from one side of the eye to another. Blind leap, remove shock leap, winterbinding leap, more blind leap -> Illusion Gate. This guy is a joke…

Varvatos and I just got ran over by another group before these goons come

Hmm, Termintor should have no rights complaining about zerg.

Although I might get him mixed up with that moron Skars.

Dillena doesn’t travel solo, ever.

I tried to save Lancelot on my cleric thinking it’s only a group of asmos.  Needless to say, we both died.


On Mizuchi, I self rez two minutes later and got that chanter Alatreon lol.

Bang Cuong – Ton Tho Mot Tinh Yeu 2

Where’s all the carebear elyos. I get gang raped everywhere in the eye trying to do my pvp dailies.

8v1 – I fuckin hate camper

Same people caught not in a full group…

Desoxyn ALT ranger is LOL.  He forgot he doesn’t have back up when he attacked me. Too bad I was ap capped then.

On another note, this laptop keyboard is becoming more retarded. I am missing letters and have to press down on each key pretty hard.

Oh yeah, I love this song.

Plumeris’ pvp dailies take less than 20 minutes. Sorc on the other hand was terrible. I spent 2.5 hours. There is either no asmos or groups of them.

Gna – 9137 Lightburst

That fucker deserves every bit of it. He jumped me several times today in mau form while hiding behind his group.