On Masumi since I got tired of not getting mithril medal at Fissure at 9pm siege on Plum. Boss dies within 2 minutes ~ kinda hard for dots to kick in and I am not pet build, so I can’t rely on Tempest either :(

I can get mithril easily at Wrath on Plum since the fight is usually 5 minutes long but I hate the retarded sorcs that like kite boss around and kill everyone else in the process.

Anyways, I’m highest dps beside the 6 tempests added together and I didn’t pick up agro once; paced myself with the big bursts lol.


Wedding Shoes!!

I don’t know why nordstrom keeps showing me these more expensive designer picks :( I can’t justify buying shoes that cost more than my own gown haha.

Enzo Angiolini 'Sully' Platform Pump

Cheapest of the bunch :P

Prada Dégradé Peep Toe Pump

I really like the color.

Valentino Lace Pump

There is a blush/nude version of this which is oh so pretty. But I don’t see myself wearing it again with anything else beside my wedding gown :P

KORS Michael Kors 'Galli' Pump

Not bridal appropriate but this is so cute. I do wish it comes with a platform :P



Kahrun Coins

I’m tired of running around every day for 6 dumb quests and this is what I get on both Plumeris and Masumi. WTF. 2 coins shouldn’t even be a reward. Getting it once is bad enough but 2 out of 3 two times in a row is shitty as fuck. Some people open these and get 100 coins, grr.