3.0 PVP on Plumeris

I love threads like these. Makes it a challenge to kill the more popular “PVP heroes” with a heavy fan base lol.

Catastrophic & Iczillion

Iczillion isn’t that bad. He’s a xform whore that likes to put down people. If he can’t beat you, he thinks you hack lol.

Threat & Abssolute

Note to self: don’t try to 2v1 anyone with a pocket maxed out MR cleric.

Outnumbered and insta-feared.

The rest of the alliance… WTF. Sunayaka isn’t up.

Overall, 3.0 PVP in the Eye can be fun and annoying at the same time. It is very easy to AP cap since everyone is running around as rank 1 heroes with their new and shiny augmented pvp gear. However, the zerg is nasty.