Grouplove – Slow

It’s 4am. I should be sleeping if I’m not writing essay for my online class. I am sitting waiting for my freshly painted nails to dry instead. I just bought a stash of China Glaze nail polishes last week. The color I just painted is called Concrete Catwalk. It’s a dark gray cream with no shimmer whatsoever kinda hard to paint since I am too messy lol.

I talk to my mom about my wedding planning process. We are thinking of dressing up our backyard as the ceremony place. I am still iffy about letting my mom and aunt take care of the flowers but dressing up the backyard and renting a few chairs and drapes shouldn’t be hard. We shall see…

Elyos lost both forts to asmos

Sad, sad, sad day. No eso on double drop double ap weekend. Preposterous!

Elyos lost both forts to asmos

Enraged Veille

Something good came out of this though. I finished my general godstone quest for Masumi and Fujin. Airashii also got her first kill done.

Catastrophic glide hacking from that tree up to NPC above

He made us chase him from the jotun area in SC all the way back to his NPC lol. It’s rank 5 ap, people are so protective of it.

Tome upgrades for Masumi & Plumeris too

I decided not to sell my stun officer godstone. The animation is so pretty. not ugly like blind or silence at all.

Plumeris vs Malagen & Raptio

So it started out with a comment not meant to attack anyone. This scrub, Malagen started talking shit and demanded a 1v1 with me. Funny thing is, Shiibi and I ran around scales like 30 minutes later and saw him with an sm and a cleric. He ran from us.

Anyways he got his friend’s Hostage who also plays an sm, Raptio, which he glorified in this thread, to come and talk shit about me.

Originally Posted by Hostage – Siel
plumeris, best NA sm ever, oh wait n/m

Plumeris vs. Raptio (7:0)

Good thing I screenshot everything. Well, almost everything. And then he has nothing better to say except make fun of my reading comprehension.

Re: Fun With Cloaking Word

ASOS Pleated Dress with One Shoulder

I ordered too much stuff on my credit card over the past few days that Chase think someone is stealing my account. I had a lot of trouble trying to order this dress last night :(

ASOS Pleated Dress with One Shoulder

I got mine in peach, although red is also very pretty. Hopefully it’ll turn out nice.

I also purchased this last night – it looks so pretty and is the only site that still has it in my size (somewhat – I ordered size 6). I got a 20% off coupon too so it’s not so bad.

Ivanka Trump – Marika

Maggie Sottero – Destiny Wedding Gown

I ordered my wedding gown today from Bay Area Bridal. It’s Destiny by Maggie Sottero. I tried on the dress 6 months ago and had second thought about purchasing then. Anyways, I tried a bunch of new ones today and still go back to this… Must be fate or DESTINY! Total came out to be $1040 after taxes from the original price tag of $960 (no sales, no discount whatsoever). The sale girl was helpful in helping me find my dress but not so much with the financial/ordering details. I hope alteration will be cheap. I want to minimize my cost as much as possible.

Maggie Sottero Destiny – Front

Maggie Sottero Destiny – Back

Maggie Sottero Destiny – Side