Trish Thuy Trang – Ice Queen

So I did my solo crucible on Plumeris today. After beating this “geared” sin 5 to 0. He got mad and messaged me this.

Sieth, LOL

I did not fear lock him. I insta feared him once when my HP was low and here he goes bitching about me kiting him. He wasn’t even big enough of a challenge to waste big CD beside slowing him down and stripping all his buff.

Anyways, I hate scrubs who are rely on their dumb godstones to win, just like that scrub Darby, who only scores wins on multiple godstone proc in one fight, or when you are targeting other mobs/asmos. Most of the physical damage classes in this game rely on their godstones way too much and think they are good. Meh. My godstone finally procs for the 5th time in game in PVP and here comes this noob accusing me of cheating already :P.

I spent such a long time fighting with this dude that I missed my fort defense on sorc, grrr.

Jay Sean – War

^Another song for my future CD!

this made my day after getting zerged nonstop :P

Oh yeah, I failed at proccing the staff for Airashii. But I bought a general godstone for 75mil and +10 it anyways. Still debating if I wanna use it or not.

geared baddie glad. the only reason he beat pve geared Viii was from the repeated godstone proc.

The Band Perry

Shiibi decided to turn himself into a girl and asked me to make his toon for him. Isn’t she pretty? I used Plumeris’ old hair style :D

Within minutes of seeing it, that jerk paid another $10 to make his legs more childlike -.-

I love how people’s skill are justified by the amount of friends they have.

“The only SMs I respect are Dillena, Misfire and Luicias
The rest are trashbags
Get on my level scrub” – Infernyks

Dillena doesn’t solo and if he does, he doesn’t kill anyone without insta fear, root, fear shriek, fear. LOL, he is the poster child for a fearlocking baddie that make the SM community look bad.

Misfire is slightly better but he is still a mediocre SM hiding behind his MR girlfriend Katsumi who really only go out with Magic Assist, Elemental Ward, Boon of Quickness, and all other cd up.

I had fun nuking Dillena on my sorc for a while until they recruited more people and cleric to heal them ><

Wasn’t that fun but I gained 5k-ish AP in a short time. They keep on sending a dumb rank 7 temp to the front while the rest hid in the back.

Miu Le

Wow, I just watched the latest episode of Vampire Diaries. I don’t like where it is going – Elena is really ditching Stefan for Damon? Sad :(

I’m getting my stun godstone for my new imaginary weapon :D

I’ve been playing my sorc a lot lately. I finally got my rank 1 quest done by zerging the asmos that come hang out at Temple of Scales. Shii, Hydrus, and Myworld helped me get my officer quest done today. It’s actualy my second night out in gelk with them. It was fun until it got really zergy. I only needed 1 officer to complete my quest but we waited almost 3 hours today before one show up and basically suicided into the zerg to get him -.-

You Are Out Of Range ZERG

Duo sorc pvp is fun. Hydrus is full MR with sleep storm setup while I’m full MA with glacial shard. We basically rushed in with Hydrus cc everyone while shiibi and I nuke. Kudos for myworld for being an awesome healer – something I lack when I pvp on my sm lol. Anyways, I’m still a baddie sorc lol but I’m learning.

Oh yea, I had my packaging project (below) presentation yesterday. Mocking up those stupid boxes were a pain in the butt. Thank you so much sweetie for doing it for me :)