Rihanna – We Found Love

I’m breaking out. It is so bad. I wanna dig myself a hole and hide in there :(

I did arena again this morning. Caught this cleric Kurixis and her sin friend Endless cheating. Everytime anyone attack her, her little sin friend pop out of hide and jump that person. And they ran along like besties not attacking each other. Good thing that fag sin didn’t get high rank. Cheaters should be prosecuted somehow ><

I got Airashii the entire Arena PVP Cloth set today, completely socketed in MR. Cost me a ton of money and those new 100% manastone supplements from my 24 month reward.

My sorc on the other hand had gender change and plastic surgery last night. Since Fred calls him ugly all the time lol. I am also buying the Arena PVP Cloth set for him. 4/5 pieces now, no MR stones though. So he is super squishy against everyone else. I am socketing primarily MA and HP for his set. I think that setup is good once I learn how to play the class more.

Masumi – post gender change. His thighs are too big :(

Adele – Someone Like You

I hate Illustrator. Why does everything have to be so confusing.

First place in Arena on my SM a few days ago. I’m very proud of this run since two of these ahole glads griefed my sorc badly in the previous run.

David Guetta ft. Usher – Without You

Could’ve had first place but I was sneaking around during class and the guy sitting next to me keep on asking questions about his project >.>

I’m starting to like this Arena thing. It’s not so bad depends on the class combination set up. The worse one for me to be in is one with a bunch of glads and rangers and me being the only clothie. I don’t run 1v1 anymore since it’s really sad facerolling some poorly geared elyos.

Gearing up is super fast with all the crucible insignia saved up. Masumi and Airashii each have 3 pieces now. I bought the wrong set so they all have mix matched conditioning stats. I guess I’ll live with it since I already socket them and manastones cost an arm and a leg now.

Toni Braxton – Trippin’

2.7 came out yesterday. What a big disappointment. Arena of Chaos is nothing but glorified zerging. The class that usually wins at the end is temp, glad, and mr clerics ><
I got targeted by 3 out of the 4 people standing near my spawn point. And I’m not even the only sm there.

Miu Le – Giac Mo Than Tien

Wasted 3 hrs of my life. Someone should’ve told me the cleric is a fuckin noob in dps stigma. can’t heal. can’t utilize heal buff. he popped noble grace right in the beginning of isbariya fight, wtf. we practically wipe at every boss due to low dps and lack of heal. I haven’t spend this much time or lost this much exp in BT before.

i don’t mind that the tank is new but that least he was trying. the cleric is down right bad. and the chanter isn’t that much better either. when tank dies, wow isn’t the first thing you should pop, it’s either elemental screen or spellstopping urgh. it is like these people have never group with other member of the same class and learn from experience.

On a lighter note, I got my EC tome for Masumi last night. Took like 30 L80-87 to get to +5 4 times. I hate this game RNG. I need a better fused tome but whatever for now.