David Guetta – Who’s That Chick Feat. Rihanna

I got accepted to CSU East Bay. Whatever conditional admission means. I think I would want to go there since Fred works in Hayward as well. If we ever move out, less time spend driving to work for him? Also, it’s a BA degree instead of BFA, I don’t want a BFA.

Christmas was alright, we didn’t do much. I think we didn’t get a Christmas tree till the 23rd -.-. Fred, Rutherford, and I went to two Target stores to find this Virginia Pine Prelit Tree. It’s slimmer than the normal trees but it looks very pretty. Fred is still against artificial tree as usual but hey, I saved him tons of money for years to come!

Oh yeah, Fred finally gave in and bought a new honda civic. He was so gloomy when we first bought it but finally told me several days later that he likes the car -.-

Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly

I finally get to see Tahabata and killed him the other day. He dropped 4 golds, sorc tunic, melee necklace, gold tome and dirk. No eternal but I am glad the golds drop. Speaking of drops, I absolutely abhor BT. Yesterday hard mode run yield 2 blues from Stormwing. It is ridiculous seeing people with gold and orange weapons drop of the stupid blue dragon. I on the other hand have not seen anything beside the shitty vorpal essence.

I am 4/5 for the Beshmundir Spiritmaster set now. Just the tunic and I can finally graduate my Miragent cloth set. I spent 3mil resocketing my HP and MA set last night. Which isn’t too much since I have 77 MA14 stones in warehouse already. I’m paranoid and don’t like mixing my manastones so I usually socket each set straight with a certain type of stones.

  • Miragent Cloth Set – Magical Accuracy 14
  • Elite 30 AP – Magic Boost 23
  • Elite 30 AP – HP 75 (I need another tunic)
  • Beshmundir Spiritmaster – Magic Resist 14 (missing tunic)

Oh I just realized today is Aethereality.net 8th birthday. Time sure goes by fast.

Nelly – Just a Dream

There is literally nothing to do. Flipping through the pages of Forever21.com consistently and not buying is driving me nuts. Grinding is boring and so far nothing drop. Plus I made enough kinah today. PVP involves me running around solo and die 1vs6 or 1vs3

Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love

I just realize I have had this blog site for 5 years now and this layout is just as old ^^ Anyways, elysian-skies is now hosted by Rain of Creative-Central. She plays Aion too, how cool is that? Speaking of Aion, I rerolled my assassin to spiritmaster now, I never enjoyed playing melee class, especially one that is dependent on having low ping which I don’t have. That and cloth armor is uber pretty :) {nl}{nl}{nl}fortuneer armor minus the gloves and pauldron{nl}