Shinedown – Second Chance

Dang, I am getting dirtier everyday. Why? Due to the lack of hot water, the apartment people are really bad at this. They still haven’t fixed my shower. So I can’t be clean AND warm unless I take a bubble bath and that’s time consuming. Oh yeah and Aion has been sucking my times away as well.

I want to finish school as soon as possible. But my laziness and lack of intelligence/memorization for useful stuff always get the best of me… College is a prison that people compete to get in. Life would be so much more awesome if I don’t have to worry about school.

I have been putting off this site for a while so here


Oh my god. I am so screwed. I should’ve gone to lecture. Oyy, this is so bad.{nl}{nl}11/13/09 – SSC 100 Midterm 2{nl}11/16/09 – ESP 100 Midterm 2{nl}11/17/09 – ESP 100 Debate – Discussion section is a bitch.{nl}11/17/09 – BIT 171 Term paper due{nl}