Artbooks List

Oy, I woke up late. Purposely skipped class again. Lots of studying to do today.{nl}{nl}Updated list of old art books I need to rescan.{nl}{nl}{nl}Hisaya Nakajo – Hana Kimi Character Book{nl}Kaimu Tachibana – Rasen{nl}Kao Yung – New Generation of Manga Artists 5{nl}Kao Yung – Original Sin{nl}Kaori Minakami – Corsetier{nl}Ken Mizuki – Greetings{nl}Kusanagi Toshiki – Credo Faith Declaration{nl}Mitsuba Takanashi – Akuma de Sourou Illustrations{nl}Miuchi Suzue – Cherish Gallery: Miuchi Suzue’s Garasu no Kamen{nl}Narumi Kakinouchi – Vampire Princess Miyu Illustrations{nl}Queenie Law – Dolly Kiss Illustration{nl}Reiko Shimizu – Aria The Collection of Illustration{nl}Lai Ann – Anniversary Illustrated Collection 1993-2002{nl}Dezhen – Hero & Beauty{nl}Reiko Shimizu – Kaguya Hime The Collection of Illustration{nl}Satoru Yuiga – Memoriatechnica{nl}Miwa Ueda – Peach: Miwa Ueda Illustrations{nl}Lai Ann – Anniversary Illustrated Collection 1993-2002{nl}

Trish Thuy Trang – The Day You Went Away

Hehe’s this is funny.{nl}{nl}{nl}Now I lay me down to study{nl}I pray the Lord I won’t go nutty;{nl}And if I fail to learn this junk{nl}I pray the Lord that I won’t flunk.{nl}But if I do, don’t pity me at all{nl}Just lay my bones in the study hall;{nl}Tell my teacher I did my best{nl}Then pile my books upon my chest.{nl}Now I lay me down to rest,{nl}I pray I’ll pass tomorrow’s test.{nl}If I should die before I wake{nl}That’s one less test I’ll have to take.{nl}– Unknown{nl}{nl}{nl}I’m getting finger arthritis from rewriting these notes for Food Science. (Wow, I actually typed arthritis correctly this time.) One freakin lecture is 16 pages long, my poor poor poor fingers.

Chris Brown – I Wanna Be

Urg, too hungry to study…{nl}{nl}I’m sick, throat is filled with phlegm. Yesterday was really bad, neck, back, and stomach pain. I managed to get my back and neck pains to go away today by sleeping in the correct position last night, I think. {nl}{nl}My orders from came today. Yay!!!{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}Luichiny Stella Blue{nl}{nl}{nl}This is beautiful but it’s a big disappointment. Nothing is wrong with the craftsmanship. The problem lies in the zipper in the back where the bow is. The zipper itself is thick and the bow is pressed against it tightly, thus biting into my feet. I can’t even stand without experiencing pain. Boo, this is going back.{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}BCBGirls Leda{nl}{nl}{nl}This is the reason I even made the order in the first place. The boots look awesome in real life. The height is perfect. It falls right below my knee. One shoe is a little snug but I think that’s my feet’s fault. Since the boot fits too well, putting it on and taking it off require hard work. The latter require a lot of work. The big zipper shown here are for decoration only. There’s another ankle zipper on the opposite side though.{nl}{nl}By the way, I emailed my art teacher and my grade came in today. I got an A in the class. Whoo hooo!!! I’m so glad I took it and decided not to drop it after the 2nd week.{nl}{nl}Paid off my credit card bill today. Still need to pay for rent, parking permit, and SCANTRONS. I’m so broke =/