Thanh Bui – Mirror Mirror

I should quit cup noodle for three months after I move into my new place. My nails, once the healthiest dead organ on my body is now slowly deteriorating. The surface is no longer smooth and extremely brittle. I kept on getting chips and peels. I don’t know what I’d do without nail polish. Sigh.{nl}{nl}{nl}I went to class and repainted my self portrait today. I think I put too much emphasizes on my features, like making sure my high cheek bones and full lips are there, and making the sure the proportion of my nose and mouth are right. I messed up on the mouth though. The end result is someone who doesn’t even look like me. Well, I did give myself lots of volume ^^. Anyways, my teacher likes my approach. She thinks it’s unique so it’s all good. I’m basically done with my painting class. Yay!!{nl}{nl}{nl}colors from photo are almost true to life{nl}{nl}{nl}When class’s over, I went grocery shopping at Safeway after dropping off my Piperlime returns at the UPS store. Blueberries are on sale, a pint for $2! When I got home, I made myself a salad. Mushrooms don’t taste good uncooked.