Epic Journey

Okay maybe its not as epic as it sounds to be but stomach flu are never easy journeys. Well it was a great weekend for me. So my parents went to LA then to San Diego for a get away that is duely needed for them since they hadn’t really had a vacation in forever. With that being said.. Vi came to San Jose to stay with me for a couple of days and since she needed to study I figured I’d lend her my house. So with that, we had a grand time. First I went to wingstop and safe way to gather necessary items for cooking and other stuff. We ate and then proceeded to sleep and play time.{nl} {nl}Next day we to take care of codi too. I bought bun bo hue for sweetie because she was craving it. It was spicy for me but good foe her. After that she studied while I played with my puzzle. Then we went to 99 to buy some desserts and candy for her. We then proceeded to play in the jacuzzi…which was broken because no water jets or hot water. Then chef fred we to work in the kitchen go conjure up some french toast. Albeit that some were soaked to long. So they turned up soggy but still good. After that I cleaned up while she studied some more. Then we had desserts and finished the puzzle of the cathedral of notre dame. The we went to sleep with the snooze button.{nl} {nl}Next day we had to go back but not before we had com tam. Then back to davis for sweetie’s review section which she missed 30 mins of but yeah…fast forwarding to today where we had our ritual of fujis… I started to get sick and now I think I’ve got the runs of diarrhea. So that’s where this journey is at right now… Me lying on the floor, lathered in icy hot and hurting. Ready to go again soon as this food poisoning or stomach flu is killing me…thankfully sweetie got me all the necessary items for diarrhea. Will this journey end…

I’d rather be watching fishes

I was content with youtubes and the fishes till Vi gets done with studying but I’m stuck writing this blog. Don’t get me wrong, I like blogging…but there are days where I just don’t want to blog. This is one of those days. But since Vi asks, I do. I also had a lot to write but I forgot. So I’ll go with what I remember. Oh by the way, know your priorities! Vi lately has been neglecting me again. This time for brushes. I don’t understand. Look I understand you like something and want to spend time doing it. But why on our time. We don’t get to spend much time doing anything. If we are together, we are sleeping or studying. Not a lot of time to talk or play around. Sometimes shes lazy to do things I suggest…but when it comes to something she likes, she’s up and about and forgets about me. It bothers me…even when I tell her straight up that it annoys me. I just want to know what she cherishes more sometimes, me or are those brushes. I’ve lived my life as an addict and lost lots of things because I didn’t know priority…but I learned from my mistakes. But if her mindset is like this just for brushes, I’m worried about the bigger picture. If she can’t even put down the mouse for a day or tweezers for awhile, how can I win against the bigger stuff. I’m just sad when she does that because she never really knows how much it hurts when you neglect someone. Sadly for the people I hurt, I know how they feel sometimes now. Being it is Family or friends. She may think its overreacting but she doesn’t see that she is more obsessed with something because its in her own eyes. People like that don’t see the problem until they have like lots of people tell them or when they lose something important. I’ll stick by her side because I love her and that this is something small and I’d be stupid to fight about but today was our anniversary, it was just sad to see me just lying there waiting for her and instead finding her playing with the brushes again…Don’t get me wrong, we have priorities for together time too…We do fun things together…I love the Gossip Girl marathon, but even I knew priorities are in her studying and school so I had to call it quits.{nl}{nl}Saturday turmoil{nl}{nl}So like always, I start my lovely day at work on Saturday. Don’t worry this isn’t a rant on work per say. So I get to work late because I spend all morning plucking, cleaning, and packing for Davis. So I get to work 30 minutes late….muahaha, I don’t care about getting written up anymore. Well I do but not enough for me to care -.-;;… but anywaise. I get to work with an MP sitting on my desk. I was already glad the process is delayed one day since that means I don’t have any processing to do. Sigh but we still had something to do. Cleaning Validation of the UF/DF system. Well we agreed to get started and then take a break since my boss was getting us breakfast. So with that being said we got started and went on our way only to get a call half way through almost getting done telling us that the company is on lockdown.

Early is too early…

So I know I said I wouldn’t rant about work but I just got ta squeeze this through. So last night was another long night. I stayed till 9pm again. I find out I have an early shift the next day… 7 to 730 am. That’s tiring for me enough but I managed to sleep late like always and convinced my lovely angel vi to allow me to stay up with her. Its hard for me to decide what to do with my life and our relationship. I feel I smother her to much but sometimes I feel like she’s my vacation from reality. So I’m being selfish really… Sigh. Ok I’m rambling again…back to my point… I woke up late. Forgot to account for traffic and got to work at 740. I was drained. I’m tired as we speak. Hopefully today will not be a long day. I want to go home on time for once if not earlier…so drained and burnt out…oh when I got to work I went straight in without peeing…{nl}{nl}Well update foe today. I got off at 8 instead of 630. I have no reason to complain I guess. Work is work. Yesterday was long and we got more work today. Wednesday Norman took us out to eat at texas road house for some steak. Today we had free pizza from Norman too. Maybe tonite free wings. I’m just glad we got the go on not staying late tomorrow and doing a simple process… Yay but the other process is pushed a day later and may take longer…past shut down…

Random day at work

Some common terms gone astray.{nl}{nl}{nl}ravaging{nl}ravage{nl}ravishing{nl}ravish{nl}kenneth cole reaction{nl}d90{nl}{nl}{nl}Once again…{nl}{nl}So the song that has been stuck in my head for the past few days is once again by trish. Its all I sing even when I’m at work. Its stuck to my head. Plus me and Vi can sing it together in the car. It’s our song :){nl}{nl}Fish{nl}{nl}The fishes I bought awhile ago (about two weeks) are slowly dying. I don’t know why. The deformed ones or how I like to call them the handicapped ones are actually surviving longer then the rest except one that just recently passed away. So yeah I already set up another small 5 gallon tank to house the dying fish. Now time to buy that sterilizer since I have enough for camera.

Uninvited Guest

Okay! Today is just one of those days where you just want it to end, and guess what? It just started. I’m freaking mad right now and everything is just irritating me more. I’m already at wits end with work and everything seems to follow through. I try hard to pull myself with a calm composer at work but seriously