Shinedown – Second Chance

Dang, I am getting dirtier everyday. Why? Due to the lack of hot water, the apartment people are really bad at this. They still haven’t fixed my shower. So I can’t be clean AND warm unless I take a bubble bath and that’s time consuming. Oh yeah and Aion has been sucking my times away as well.

I want to finish school as soon as possible. But my laziness and lack of intelligence/memorization for useful stuff always get the best of me… College is a prison that people compete to get in. Life would be so much more awesome if I don’t have to worry about school.

I have been putting off this site for a while so here


Oh my god. I am so screwed. I should’ve gone to lecture. Oyy, this is so bad.{nl}{nl}11/13/09 – SSC 100 Midterm 2{nl}11/16/09 – ESP 100 Midterm 2{nl}11/17/09 – ESP 100 Debate – Discussion section is a bitch.{nl}11/17/09 – BIT 171 Term paper due{nl}

David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Over

Internet is not working right again. The DSL guy from Thickair came by today and it worked for some time but it’s flaky on me now.

The weather outside is so cold and gloomy right now. I’m hungry but too lazy to go buy food or go to school for that matter. Arrg can

Colbie Caillat ft. Jason Mraz – Lucky

I’m sad. My summer vacation started off with an auto accidents and everything planned is halted. What a waste, I should have just sleep my days away in Davis instead of heading home. I still have a lot of errands to do, things to return to stores, and things to mail out. {nl}{nl}I miss Bookoff. I want new artbooks. I went to Kinokuniya yesterday and found several nice ones but they’re all too expensive. They should just open a Bookoff in San Jose already. I don’t want to travel 12 hours back and forth just to get my artbooks fix. {nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}Theodore is becoming meaner and meaner lately. Yesterday he came in my room while I’m sleeping and whacked me on the forehead with his cereal box. Damn kid. He’s one year old now. Still can’t talk, and can’t barely walk either. Thuan, my mom, and I went to his birthday BBQ a couple weeks ago. Here are some photos.

Artbooks List

Oy, I woke up late. Purposely skipped class again. Lots of studying to do today.{nl}{nl}Updated list of old art books I need to rescan.{nl}{nl}{nl}Hisaya Nakajo – Hana Kimi Character Book{nl}Kaimu Tachibana – Rasen{nl}Kao Yung – New Generation of Manga Artists 5{nl}Kao Yung – Original Sin{nl}Kaori Minakami – Corsetier{nl}Ken Mizuki – Greetings{nl}Kusanagi Toshiki – Credo Faith Declaration{nl}Mitsuba Takanashi – Akuma de Sourou Illustrations{nl}Miuchi Suzue – Cherish Gallery: Miuchi Suzue’s Garasu no Kamen{nl}Narumi Kakinouchi – Vampire Princess Miyu Illustrations{nl}Queenie Law – Dolly Kiss Illustration{nl}Reiko Shimizu – Aria The Collection of Illustration{nl}Lai Ann – Anniversary Illustrated Collection 1993-2002{nl}Dezhen – Hero & Beauty{nl}Reiko Shimizu – Kaguya Hime The Collection of Illustration{nl}Satoru Yuiga – Memoriatechnica{nl}Miwa Ueda – Peach: Miwa Ueda Illustrations{nl}Lai Ann – Anniversary Illustrated Collection 1993-2002{nl}