Sammie – Mechanic

Davis sucks. Ok, not really. Except that ever since I’m up here, I’ve been very accident prone. On Tuesday, a plate mysteriously dropped on my right foot. On Wednesday, I scraped my right knee while jaywalking back to my apartment. Yesterday, one of the heels Nhu Ngoc loaned me broke during the VNCARES recruitment. And today, I slammed the closet door against my right hand. My knuckle is swollen now -.-

Chris Brown – I Wanna Be

I should start blogging before September ends. So much stuff happened that I get too lazy to document. Anyways, I’m in Davis now. {nl}{nl}First day two of school was alright. Thursday was especially long. I woke up at 7:20 AM to get ready for my Bis101 Discussion. By the time I reach the bus terminal, Trung called and said class was canceled. So I went back to his place and eat instead. I need more practice catching the right bus at the right time and location. Somehow I always ended up on the wrong side of the street -.-{nl}{nl}Trung and I went to the welcoming event at night yesterday. It was alright, free food and some free games. I did this spinning wheel thing and win two duffel bags for Trung and myself. Afterward, Thi and Tam came to pick us up since bus stop operating after 7 PM on Friday. We went to Cold Stone for ice cream since Thi has these BOGO coupons. {nl}{nl}This morning, I went to this Asian supermarket plaza in Sacramento for VNCARES recruitment. Standing around outside in Davis weather for 3 hours in Ao Dai wasn’t fun. But I learned a lot about the internship while shadowing Jackie.{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}♥ September 24th @ 12:17