BBMak – Out of My Heart

I’ve been suffering insomnia for the past few days. Last night was the worse, I went to bed at 10PM due to lack of sleep, but then I woke up at 2AM to brush my teeth and couldn’t go back to sleep again. Anyways, I was up tossing and turning until it’s finally 8 and decided to go shower. My mom thought I changed my sleeping habit and woke up early. She was so excited.{nl}{nl}Anyways, since I was up so early, I decided to clean my room and do my laundry. Then I took a short nap until mommy calls me out to the garden to take pictures of her flowers. After finishing her errands, mommy and I went to Nordstrom Rack to return some stuff. We had Subway and Starbucks for lunch. Then we stopped by grandma’s place on the way home. {nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}Since I was so sleep deprived, I took another nap until 8PM. Then I decided that Snowy is too dirty from all these beach trips so I vacuumed her and mommy’s car. They are both super clean now. I need a better vacuum cleaner with those little tubes to suck out all the dirt in those little nooks and crannies though.{nl}{nl}Okay, time for bed. Vi’s getting a headache =/

Claude Kelly – Ghost

I’m blogging! And it’s not at 3 AM! I promised a certain someone that I would, so here goes my boring day.{nl}{nl}At 11:00 am, either my alarm or my phone rang. I turned on Spencer and leave AIM open to chat with Thi. I was half asleep so I kept on missing her IM’s, responding every 20 minutes. Sorry Thi.{nl}{nl}At 1:00 pm, Thi said she’ll be there in 15 minutes. I had to get out of bed and go shower. She brought bread for me so I can make sunny side egg. Woot thanks Thi, now I don’t have to worry about lunch. After eating, I reformatted and reinstall Windows XP on Thi’s old man. I ran into some problems so I have to repeat the process again. I’m still having trouble finding the drivers for it. Boo!{nl}{nl}{nl}At 3:30 pm, Thi and I decided to go to Target since she wants to buy sheet set and I need to return my hamper. Returning takes a while since there’s this lady in front of me with some odd requests. Boo! Afterward, I walked all over Target again and found a really nice Butterfly Chair. It’s super comfy for its price.{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}At 6:00 pm, I went home and play Literati with Fred till dinner. I love Literati. I learned so many new words. Thanks Steven for introducing it, even though I pwned you in every games so far =){nl}{nl}And at 9:00 pm, Steven showed me some cool songs which I’m listening to right now.

Cherish ft. Yung Joc – Killa

I’m too broke to go out now. I can’t afford anything yet I want to buy everything. Boo!{nl}{nl}So today I woke up at noon as usual. Strangely, I don’t hear my mom nagging to wake me up, unlike the past few days. I guess she gave up on me. After doing my laundry, I proceed to my grandma’s house and had a couple bi cuon for lunch. Then I went up to check out Shelly’s new and YELLOW room. Thuan and I then played with Shelly’s Wii. I pwned Thuan at tennis and bowling, but then Shelly beats me afterward. Wii bowling is even harder than real life bowling. After playing, Shelly and I headed to Target, well, after we take a walk around the mall. I need to buy a few things for my apartment. Shelly and I tried the gelato at La Cr