Jesse McCartney – Leavin’

Wow, kayaking is tiring. I don’t ever want to do it again. We were practically stranded on the ocean for 4 hours yesterday. Instead of camwhoring on the beach, I was cold and wet and tired. Beside that, yesterday beach trip was fun. I can’t wait to go again and actually take photos next time.{nl}{nl}Anyways, my mom complained that I’ve been going out too much and not spend enough time with her. So I did all sort of mother-daughter things today with her. We went out for lunch, then off to Target. After that, we went to Payless Nursery. My mom wants a plumeria plant. We ended up buy that and an avocado tree. I’m going to be making avocado smoothie soon =]

Mariah Carey – Bye Bye

I am the unluckiest person ever. Since my last post, I had to reformat my laptop and reinstall Windows XP twice. Thanks to Dell Media Direct which wiped all of my partitions. Even worse, I accidentally knocked over my FreeAgent drive and my computer won’t recognize it anymore. Khuong and Nam are looking at it for me. I hope I can recover the files.{nl}{nl}I was up until 5 am last night watching Desperate Housewives. That show is hilarious. Susan Meyers remind me of myself sometimes, and Mike Delfino is just hot =D{nl}{nl}Things to do{nl}{nl}Thursday – Physics final{nl}Thursday – Dessert at San Mateo{nl}Friday – Fruit salad for Trung

Rainie Yang – Just Want to Love You

Wow. I’ve been so busy that I have no time for my online life nowadays. along with the gallery is down for the time being since my host booted us. Well, sorta. What type of site runs under 100MB of ram daily? You must be kidding me. Unless the site is like this unknown blog of mine, anything else will run on more than 100MB.{nl}{nl}I thought private server would solve the problem, but it brings me more trouble. Instead of one site not working, I now have two non-working websites. Oh yea, why in the world would anyone pay for virtual private server AND shared hosting and only get service for the first? Pfff, I did -.-. Thanks god I cancelled after two days. {nl}{nl}My new dell XPS is working awesome. I finally got Windows XP running. Woo! The “w” key on my keyboard is still broken though. Dell still hasn’t replaced it.{nl}{nl}I went to UC Davis orientation last Friday. It was HOT! I don’t think I’ve walked such distance before, and under the scorching sun too. I hated the school already. Anyways, I get to talk to my advisor about what class to take. She was pretty nice, a little bubbly too. I get to register my class on that same day. All the class I want is taken, thanks to this snotty group leader

Chris Brown – Forever

My Dell XPS M1530 arrived on Monday and it has been giving me nothing but trouble. I had the hardest time finding all the XP drivers, especially the one for WLAN. Anyways, I am reformatting and reinstalling XP for the 6th time right now.{nl}{nl}Pros:{nl}{nl}Screen is nice, no glare so far{nl}Laptop sleeve{nl}Creative ear bugs{nl}Media remote{nl}{nl}{nl}Cons:{nl}{nl}1440×900 screens – shouldn’t have listened to my friend. 1280×800 would’ve been much better for my little beady eyes -.-{nl}Matte black finish, I prefer the shiny stuff from HP{nl}Prone to smudges{nl}Windows Vista only – this is the root of all my problems!{nl}Won’t boot if ipod is plugged in{nl}Sometimes won’t shut off, and I had to resort to the pull out the battery trick =/{nl}

Keyshia Cole – Heaven Sent

My desktop lags. It’s impossible to run Photoshop and Firefox at the same time nowadays. I don’t remember it being this slow before. Adware? Spyware? Viruses? I don’t really know. But I do know one thing; I need to reformat it sometimes in the near future.{nl}{nl}Since the boys didn’t like spontaneity, they all flaked out on us for cherry picking on Friday. Thi and I decided to have a “small” BBQ at my place instead. It was fun. We ended up calling everyone over.{nl}{nl}My mom and I went to the mall today and didn’t buy anything. That’s a first, saw two dresses I like but one is too expensive and the other is not in my size. My aunt is getting married soon. Whee! I have a good excuse to get all dressed up now =D.