Within Temptation – Forgiven

Wow. I’m going to hell for being a Heretic.{nl}{nl}Sixth Level of Hell – The City of Dis{nl}{nl}You approach Satan’s wretched city where you behold a wide plain surrounded by iron walls. Before you are fields full of distress and torment terrible. Burning tombs are littered about the landscape. Inside these flaming sepulchers suffer the heretics, failing to believe in God and the afterlife, who make themselves audible by doleful sighs. You will join the wicked that lie here, and will be offered no respite. The three infernal Furies stained with blood, with limbs of women and hair of serpents, dwell in this circle of Hell.{nl}Take the test

Jessica Simpson – Take My Breath Away

DELL XPS M1530 {nl}{nl}{nl}Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T8300 (2.4GHz/800MHzFSB, 3M L2 Cache){nl}Tuxedo Black Casing XPS M1530{nl}15.4 inch Wide Screen WXGA+ TrueLife LCD with 2.0 MP Camera{nl}3GB, DDR2, 667MHz 2 Dimm{nl}256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT{nl}250GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive{nl}Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition{nl}EXPRESSCARD SOUND BLASTER X-FI XTREME AUDIO{nl}8X DVD+/-RW Slot Load Drive{nl}Intel

Cassie – Is It You

I feel so productive today. I hang out with my mom and Thuan and I actually got off my lazy bum and work on my project today. My slow desktop was giving me a hard time. Nonetheless, most of the project is coming together =D{nl}{nl}Gone with the Wind is such an awesome movie. There are so many witty lines from Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’ Hara. If the movie isn’t 4 hour long, I could watch it over and over again =D

Usher ft. Young Jeezy – Love In This Club

What happened to Bath & Body Works? I went to Oak Ridge and Eastridge and both stores are closed. I’m sad, I have these BOGO coupons from them that’s expiring soon =/{nl}{nl}My mom tricked me into watching Curse of the Golden Flower with her. That movie bores and not to mention blinds me. There are way too much yellow and cleavages. Yellow is one of my favorite colors but after watching the movie, I don’t want to see anything yellow for a long time.{nl}{nl}I love my new camera. It’s a Canon Powershot SD1100 IS and it is awesome. I got mine in brown. Yeah, I was right to lower my standard about image quality and buy a more conventional point and shoot. I brought it everywhere with me nowadays. Camwhoring is fun =D

Jessica Simpson – I Want to Love You Forever

Cosmic bowling is so fun. I think I over-bowled this week. My arms are sored =/{nl}{nl}5 Things I Can’t Live Without Under $10{nl}{nl}Blistex Lip Infusion Moisture Splash{nl}Beauty Rush Lip Gloss{nl}Maybelline Define-a-Lash Mascara{nl}Bath & Body Works Body Cream{nl}Eyeshadows{nl}{nl}{nl}5 Favorite Movies{nl}{nl}Gone With the Wind{nl}The Painted Veil{nl}Music and Lyrics{nl}Castaway{nl}Pirates of the Caribbean{nl}{nl}{nl}5 Favorite Girl Baby Names That I Love But Won’t Use{nl}{nl}Isabelle{nl}Elysa{nl}Alexis{nl}Giselle{nl}Madison{nl}{nl}{nl}5 Favorite Boy Baby Names That I Love But Won’t Use{nl}{nl}Jason{nl}Josh{nl}Scott{nl}Chase{nl}{nl}{nl}5 Songs You Could Listen to Over and Over{nl}{nl}Danity Kane – Damaged{nl}Westlife – Total Eclipse of the Heart{nl}Chris Brown – Say Goodbye{nl}Jessica Simpson – I Want to Love You Forever{nl}Usher ft. Young Jeezy – Love In This Club{nl}{nl}{nl}5 Things That Stay In My Handbag At All Times{nl}{nl}Wallet{nl}Blotting Paper{nl}Lip Balm{nl}Lip Gloss{nl}Monkey Balm{nl}{nl}{nl}5 Places I’d Love to Go{nl}{nl}The Beaches!{nl}Rome{nl}China{nl}Vietnam{nl}European museums{nl}