Mariah Carey – Touch My Body

School is over. Finals for both art history and biology are hard, especially biology. I can kiss getting that A away. Now I am hoping for a B. anything lower and I’ll cry like a river.{nl}{nl}Spring Break officially starts today. I’m sad, people get to go places but I get to stay home because I’m too broke to go out =/

Mario Vazquez – Gallery

Wheeee! Camwhoring with Jet is fun =]{nl}{nl}My Dell notebook arrived last Tuesday. The first thing my mom comment when she saw it was, “why is it so dark?”, hence the name Jet. I love it so far. It is pretty easy to set up, thanks to my Free Agent which makes thing so easy.{nl}{nl}There are a few things I don’t like though. The screen is too reflective. I should’ve ordered the antiglare ones. The webcam software don’t work that well. Dell Webcam Console freezes on me after the second tries.{nl}{nl}Contrary to some reviews I’ve read, audio isn’t that bad. It beats my desktop’s audio. But then again, I have low standard for audio. As long as it plays music, I’m happy.{nl}{nl}Intel