Natalie ft. Jutin Roman – Where Are You

I was so bummed out last week but I make it up with my weekends. I decided to get off my lazy butt and start working, so things ARE done. Procrastination hurts!{nl}{nl}Yeah, sometime I amaze myself with my determination, lmao. I learn to code modify IP Board skin over 3 days. It’s a lot more confusing than PHPBB. I had a hard time ‘guessing’ which file to edit. Anyways, I’m glad I know it now =]{nl}{nl}My BCBGirls ‘Laurina’ shoes came. They’re super cute but hurt too much. I had to return and exchange for another pair, Keds ‘Champion Lace Mini Slip-On’. I tried this on at the store already but they don’t have my size. Plus, it’s cheaper here ^^

One Republic – Apologize

Monday, January 14th 2008 was one crappy day. It’s probably in the top ten on my bad day list.{nl}{nl}Hmm, top three things on my wishlist.{nl}{nl}Money{nl}Time {nl}Space{nl}{nl}Everyone knows the importance of time and money already. I always find myself in a position where I have to sacrifices one for the other. For example, taking too much time in the morning that I actually had to skip work =/{nl}{nl}Space is on the list because I like my moment of freedom sometimes. Yeah, if I can get all three, I’ll be a happy camper ^^{nl}{nl}Ok, time for homework

Leigh Nash – Over Size Love

My internet sucks. I get disconnected every 15 minutes or so. Every times I called Comcast, they blamed it on my router =/{nl}{nl}My winter break was awful. My computer died for 10 days. I wasted my days away sleeping until noon and stay up until 4pm doing nothing productive >.< {nl}{nl}Anyways, school is back in session. Hopefully this quarter will be more exciting than the last. I'm scared of not doing as well as I anticipated in biology and calculus. Oh well, one week down, eleven more to go.{nl}{nl}I finally bought this. It's very pretty, but I think it looks better in the photo. The sole is beige however, not pink like the photo. Nonetheless, the shoe is super cute. Now I got to learn how to walk to them properly.{nl}{nl}I found an awesome site for shoe shopping, Their prices are great and there is free shipping and returns. After debating for several days, I purchase a pair of ballet slip on. Picture is below. I hope it'll go with most of my clothes. I wear slip on a lot and the other two pairs I have are way to bright and distracting =]