Celine Dion – It’s All Coming Back to Me Now

Myspace’s verification system is annoying and the newly updated hotmail is also getting on my nerve. Why can’t things just stay the way they are =/{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}Anyways, Halloween was fun. Hun and I went to ViVid’s Hooker Ball with his friends. We ended up going as a masquerade couple =). I didn’t get to take that many photos since it was too dark and my camera is too slow. Most of these are from Tracy’s.

KCi & JoJo – All My Life

I hate it when I shop around too much looking for the best deal. Then something goes wrong with my order and I ended up having to return it, and paying extra postage. That and getting these stupid finance charges when I forgot to pay my bills =/{nl}{nl}So Fred and I decided to match this Halloween. We will be a masquerade couple, sorta. All I know is there will be a lot of red and black =){nl}{nl}Anyways, my costume arrived today. It’s cute but definitely not worth the money, even at somewhat discounted price -.-. The stitching is too sloppy. Shoulder straps are too long. The bows/ribbons on the corset are longer than pictured. Looking at the stock photo, it’s hard to tell what the dress really look like. I thought it was a red dress topped with a black corset/bustier. But what I’m getting is really three quarters of a red dress.{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}As for the pros, it is very versatile. I can be little red riding hood, saloon girl, or maybe an actual pirate next year, if I still feel like going red and black again =). The fabric material is very nice. It’s comfortable, not itchy at all. It does run pretty true to size. Just not my size -.-{nl}{nl}Red don’t show up well on my camera =/

Leona Lewis – Better in Time

I think my left ctrl key will die soon. It gets jammed ever so often.{nl}{nl}Today was boring and somewhat unproductive. I skipped Bis-101 lecture but I made up for my truancy by going to the manager’s office and give them a copy of my registration card for the parking permit. Then, I went and check the mail box for the second time today. My shoes came, so fast, thanks to Priority shipping! I guess Davis is not cut for Media mail at all. It’s been over 2 weeks and I still don’t have 3 of my text books. Anyways, after picking up the mail, I went back home, did my PLS hw, then finally completed my VN CARES application.{nl}{nl}Oh yea, happy 21st birthday Thuha! Everyone celebrate it a day early though. Too bad Thuha can’t even order alcoholic drinks at the restaurant yesterday, so she ended up getting them at midnight =){nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}Most of the birthday pictures were taken with no light on =)

Sammie – Mechanic

Davis sucks. Ok, not really. Except that ever since I’m up here, I’ve been very accident prone. On Tuesday, a plate mysteriously dropped on my right foot. On Wednesday, I scraped my right knee while jaywalking back to my apartment. Yesterday, one of the heels Nhu Ngoc loaned me broke during the VNCARES recruitment. And today, I slammed the closet door against my right hand. My knuckle is swollen now -.-