Backstreet Boys – Inconsolable

Hehe, this is so true.{nl}You know You’re Viet when…{nl}{nl}You eat everything with fish sauce and/or soy sauce{nl}You have no patience{nl}You’ve never seen Your parents kiss, hold hands, or say “i love You” to each other{nl}You drive a Toyota, Acura or Honda{nl}Your parents teach You to say hi to people but they never fucking say hi to you{nl}You know the lyrics to most backstreet boys and nsync songs{nl}You love war movies (Troy, Gladiator, 300 etc…){nl}You’ve probably seen a Paris by Night, Van Son or Asia…{nl}You’ve witnessed a slaughtering of a pig and/or chicken{nl}You have a shit load of bags in Your lower kitchen cabinet (taken from grocery stores for home use such as garbage bags…){nl}Your parents are extremely superstitious{nl}You always have pounds of rice around the house{nl}You use Your dishwasher to store clean dishes{nl}You, or someone u know has that immigrant mark on their left or right arm and if they do, it means they were born in vietnam{nl}Your shoe shelf is outside ur front door{nl}

Rihanna – Shut Up and Drive

That’s it, I will not watch anything with good ratings from critics again. I don’t care how aesthetically pleasing they are, most of the award-winning movies I’ve watched are boring.{nl}{nl}Watching Raise the Red Lantern is painful. The movie is so plain. The overall plot itself was good but the script, the acting, and the settings ruin it. I felt like I was watching a documentary. Hecks, some documentary are way better than this.

One Republic – Apologize

My first week of school was stressful. My schedule was completely messed up because of my organic chemistry class. Oh well, at least everything is settled now. I have a good feeling that I won