Samantha Jade – Turn Around

Thuan comes home for the weekend without her notebook and takes over my computer. With nothing else left to do, I start reading Ceres Celestial Legend. I own the completed series for almost a year already but haven’t had a chance to look through them.{nl}{nl}The manga was surprisingly good if all of the volumes are read in one sitting. There was *ahem* lots of exposed skins *ahem* but the overall plot is interesting. I like reading about Mikagi and Ceres relationship from the past. Yuu Watase should use that in her prequel to Ayashi no Ceres, if there is one ^^”{nl}{nl}Samantha Jade’s Turn Around is such a pretty song. I don’t like the music video though. There should be more to it, instead of just pretty people on the beach. I didn’t know Samantha Jade is the same age as me. Maybe it’s the makeup.

Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah

My summer session finally ended. I actually did a lot better than before. Good study habit helps a lot, so is a yellow shirt =]. My professor is pretty awesome. I don’t know why some people gave him such negative ratings on But then again, that site let me down a few times before.{nl}{nl}I scanned a lot of books from the list below over the past couple weeks. Editing was a pain. Nonetheless, the scans are a lot better now. Especially the Dezhen images, there are no longer strange looking horizontal scan lines on the character’s skin color.