Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting

Here is a long list of art books that I need to rescan. The old images are in such bad quality. There are scan artifacts everywhere.{nl}{nl}Ai Yazawa – Tenshi Nakanja Nai Illustrations{nl}Azumi Tohru – Pieta{nl}Chen Shu Fen & Common – The Library 07/27/07{nl}Chieko Hara – Season Koibitotachi e{nl}Dezhen – Lost in the Silvery Land The Beauty of Miao 08/12/07{nl}Dezhen – My Romance 08/06/07{nl}Dezhen – The Portraits of the Ladies 08/11/07{nl}Dezhen – The Zephyr Love Stories of the Royal Manchu 08/13/07{nl}Hisaya Nakajo – Hana Kimi Character Book{nl}Hotaru Odagiri – Super Works Collection Act 4{nl}Kaimu Tachibana – Rasen{nl}Kao Yung – New Generation of Manga Artists 5{nl}Kao Yung – Original Sin{nl}Kaori Minakami – Chronologics{nl}Kaori Minakami – Corsetier{nl}Kaori Yuki – Lost Angel 08/26/07{nl}Ken Mizuki – Cotton Color 09/02/07{nl}Ken Mizuki – Greetings{nl}Ken Mizuki – Sarasa 08/10/07{nl}Kobari Nori – Sanzen Sekai Illustration Collection 08/12/07{nl}Kusanagi Toshiki – Credo Faith Declaration{nl}Mitsuba Takanashi – Akuma de Sourou Illustrations{nl}Miuchi Suzue – Cherish Gallery: Miuchi Suzue’s Garasu no Kamen{nl}Narumi Kakinouchi – Vampire Princess Miyu Illustrations{nl}Queenie Law – Dolly Kiss Illustration{nl}Riyoko Ikeda – Fantasia 08/04/07{nl}Riyoko Ikeda – Original Pictures by Riyoko Ikeda{nl}Riyoko Ikeda – Rose of Versailles Illustration{nl}Tohko Mizuno – All Works{nl}Tooko Miyagi – World End 08/20/07{nl}William – VillaVilla When Flowers Fall In Love 08/06/07{nl}Yoko Kamio – Hana Yori Dango Illustration{nl}Yoko Matsushita – Yami no Matsuei Character Book 08/02/07{nl}{nl}Looks like it’s going to be a lot of work =/ I’ll just start with the lowest page count book first ^^”

Creed – One Last Breath

100 things you might not know about me{nl}{nl}One of your scars, how did you get it?I burn myself{nl}What is on the wall in your room?Picture frame. My wall is bare{nl}Do you snore, grind your teeth, or talk in your sleep?Nope{nl}What type of music do you listen to?Anything that interests me{nl}Do you know what time you were born?5 pm{nl}What do you want more than anything right now?Very good grades in chem and bio{nl}What do you miss?My childhood{nl}What is your most prized possession(s)?Materialistically: my car, my manga and artbook collections, my computer