Asia 4 – I Don’t Need Your Love

I’m sad. I should be cramming for my calculus and chemistry final right now instead of going online. My grades are in a slump, again. I took my bio finals today, there’s no hope of boosting it up now =/{nl}{nl}I ordered the Canon Powershot SD800 from Amazon. The camera itself is nicer than I thought. I don’t like the some of the functions though. The slots where the USB cable and memory card are plugged in aren’t very stable. I think I might have broken it. {nl}{nl}The image quality didn’t impress me much, especially the image stabilization function. Maybe, it’s because my test photos so far are indoor and there isn’t enough light. I am going to the beach this weekend. I’ll see if I can take any nice photos with it. Otherwise, it’s going back to the store.

Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett – Way Back Into Love

I did some counting and realize that my book case can actually hold up to 500+ volumes of manga (standard Viz, and Tokyopop sizes). I sold my completed sets of Snow Drop, Alice 19th, and Demon Diary. I felt so sad while packing them, especially Snow Drop. The books are laminated and practically looked brand new. I never did enjoy the plot or the artworks but the cover art is really pretty. High school romance aren’t really my style O.o{nl}{nl}Yeah, now I just need to sell a couple more series to make up space for other manga and save up money for a new digital camera. I still like my Canon Powershot S400 a lot but it takes too much battery life. I have two Canon battery packs and I can only take about 40 1600×1200 photos on each. {nl}{nl}I can’t decide between the new Canon Powershot SD800 and SD1000 though. The SD1000 one is cheaper but the image quality is slightly inferior to SD800. It is also a lot smaller. SD800 cost more, but it has image stabilization and wide angle zoom (I really want to try this out). Oh well, I’ll do some more research.

Rihannan ft. Jay-Z – Umbrella

I could never understand the word “saturated,” especially when it is used to describe color.’s definition is confusing. What does a saturated shade of blue mean? Dark blue, light blue, washed-out blue?{nl}{nl}Viz Shojo Beat has so many titles I want to collect now. Hmm, I wonder when Borders will have another one of those 3 for 2 sales. Here goes my long list of wanted manga if there is ever such a sale =]{nl}{nl}Viz Shojo Beat{nl}{nl}Skip Beat! #2, 7+{nl}Meru Puri #2{nl}Vampire Knight #2+{nl}Tail of the Moon #1-3, 5+{nl}Absolute Boyfriend #2, 4+{nl}Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden #5+{nl}Full Moon O Sagashite #6+{nl}God Child #2+{nl}Count Cain #1+{nl}{nl}{nl}Viz{nl}{nl}Red River #18+{nl}Boys over Flowers #10, 16+{nl}Hana Kimi #8-13, 15+{nl}Basara #24+{nl}Inu Yasha #24, 28+{nl}{nl}{nl}Tokyopop{nl}{nl}The Queen’s Knight #9+{nl}