Hugh Grant – Pop! Goes My Heart

I finally get to watch Music and Lyrics with Thuan and my mom yesterday. I love the songs. The music video for Pop! Goes My Heart is funny. The chorus makes me smile =]{nl}{nl}{nl}I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head{nl}But then pop! Goes my heart{nl}(Pop! Goes my heart){nl}I wasn’t gonna fall in love again{nl}But then pop! Goes my heart{nl}(Pop! Goes my heart){nl}{nl}{nl}So much for my study schedule, not once this week did I follow it. I am still 4 sections behind with math homework. Time to study.

Omarion – Ice Box

I need to NOT procrastinate. I am so behind with my school work. Especially with calculus homework since I have been studying for bio and chem (and still don’t do well =/) {nl}Schedule – 05/21/07 to 05/25/07{nl}{nl}Monday{nl}{nl}Chemistry lab report{nl}Calculus hw{nl}Chemistry hw{nl}{nl}Tuesday{nl}{nl}Biology exam review{nl}Calculus hw{nl}Chemistry lab report{nl}Calculus assignment{nl}{nl}Wednesday{nl}{nl}Chemistry lab report{nl}Biology exam review{nl}Calculus hw{nl}{nl}Thursday{nl}{nl}Calculus hw{nl}Calculus assignment{nl}Chemistry quiz review{nl}{nl}Friday{nl}{nl}Calculus hw{nl}Chemistry quiz review{nl}{nl}

Unknown – Random Chinese Song

It is 10:00PM right now and I still haven’t finished my lab report. I spent an entire evening doing nothing productive. My grade right now is so-so. I have a B- in Bio and C’s in my Calculus and Chemistry courses. I’m aiming for at least a B average in all three classes though. I can’t afford any C’s, especially in Chemistry and Bio. I don’t know how some people can get easy A’s in those classes -.-{nl}{nl}I like the titles Viz Shojo Beat is releasing right now. I’m collecting almost all of them. I just started reading Vampire Knight and Skip Beat! the other day and they are awesome =]