Katharine McPhee – Over It

I updated my portfolio. New screenshots from Radiant Sunflowers and Granada Hills Charter High School are added. I can’t help but use lots of green in my designs lately. The color seems to look good alongside almost every other color.{nl}{nl}Winter quarter will end in one week. Time went by so fast. I guess I blew my chance of getting a B in chem with my third exam =/. Oh well, I need to study for the lab quiz this Monday and final on Friday, time to hit the book.{nl}{nl}I need a scanner that can scan light pastel hues correctly. The HP psc1210 is alright for more vibrant colored illustrations but it does a horrible job at rendering lighter artworks. I want one of those older Epson Perfection models since the latest ones releases have to many functions I don’t need and they are too expensive (around $250-400).{nl}{nl}Epson Perfection 3170, 3490, 3590 are pretty cheap when they were releases (approx. $100). And now, for an older, used, factory refurbished scanner that will probably comes incomplete, sellers are jacking up the price to $150+.{nl}{nl}Okay, time to brush up and go to bed. I have a long day of studying tomorrow.

Omarion – Ice Box

Wow, I have been neglecting this site, well almost all of my sites. School is stressing me out. I need to pull my Chemistry grade up by 6% during these last couple weeks =/ I hope I do well on the third exam, lab exam, and final. Yes, time to hit the book.{nl}{nl}Speaking of books, I recently got quite a few rare finds. One of which is the Death Note: Blanc et Noir artbook from a trade the other day. It was nice. It didn’t leave me the same expression Hikaru no Go Sai did. I like unique design of the slipcase with interchangeable “covers.” I didn’t like inconsistency between the papers textures used though. Nonetheless, it is a very nice book set with loads of illustrations, totally worth its expensive price.