Backstreet Boys – I Still

I should be sleeping now, otherwise I am going to be crawling up late for class tomorrow. {nl}{nl}I was late for chem lecture this morning, I arrived on time as usual but thanks to this guy who takes an entire 15 minutes to move his car out of the parking spot. I had a quiz today too so I was pretty tensed. The quiz was in the first 20 minutes of class and there I was, still circling the parking lot at 8:40 AM. I didn’t want to miss the quiz again so I park in one of the teachers’ spots, ran in, took my quiz, and then dashed out to move my car to another parking lot. Thanks god the quiz was easy, or maybe it’s because I work well under pressure? Haha, I don’t know, it’s too early to tell. Let’s just hope I don’t make any stupid mistakes like last time.{nl}{nl}I finished putting the jigsaw puzzle together, with mom and Shelly’s help. There are two pieces missing though =/ I hope they still lie around somewhere, otherwise, -.-