Sean Paul ft. Keisha Cole – Give It Up To Me

I should go back to my math homework instead of browsing the net. I spent 5 hours cleaning my room today. My back hurts, I can’t even sit straight anymore. The room is spotless now. Let’s just hope it will stay that way for the next two months. I like cleaning but I am too lazy nowadays.{nl}{nl}First week of school wasn’t as fun I, not that I anticipate anything. The only time when I had fun starting school was during Spring 2006.{nl}{nl}I’m starting to hate photography. I fell asleep on the first day of class when the professor rambles on about the wet collodion process. Two hours of lecturing is too much for just one class =/{nl}{nl}Things to do{nl}{nl}Returns clothes for mom{nl}Chem – Read Chapter 2 & 3{nl}Chem – Study for Quiz this Wednesday{nl}Chem – Lab Report 1{nl}Chem – Prelab #3{nl}Math – Chapter 4 Homework{nl}Math – Study for Quiz this Friday{nl}Arts – Read{nl}Photography – Buy textbook and start reading.{nl}{nl}{nl}Okay, time for homework.

Trish Thuy Trang – I Never Thought

Portfolios updated. Most are screenshots that stayed my hard drive for a very very very long time. {nl}{nl}Wow, I haven’t blog in a while. I’m so busy doing nothing. First day of class is today. It was alright. I like my professors this quarter. They all seem funny and enthusiastic. Let’s just hope I will do well in all of these classes. Goal this quarter: A’s and B’s only, hopefully more A’s than B’s. I need to bring up my GPA.{nl}{nl}I’m beginning to like Manhwa more now. Most of the stuff that isn’t licensed by Tokyopop is pretty good. I don’t know; Tokyopop just has to do something about their licensing selections. Most of the manhwa they released are boring not to mention difficult to understand, plus the artworks aren’t that attractive either (except Les Bijoux, The Tarot Caf