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It’s amazing what a virus can do to your computer. It usually takes me 3 minutes to burn a DVD, with some stupid virus infested, it takes me 30 minutes. I spent an entire night the other day backing up everything in my computer onto DVD discs. Anyways, I formatted my computer and reinstalled Windows XP. The computer runs great now. The bad news is I left out a folder which contains all of my school works and this spreadsheet that contains all of my manga, artbooks, and DVD’s catalogue.{nl}{nl}Winter vacation is flying by so fast. I haven’t been anywhere fun nor do anything exciting. I did go to San Francisco with my parents on Christmas though. It was alright. Thuan and I took some nice family photos up there.{nl}{nl}I scanned pretty much almost all of my artbooks. Someone should buy me more or at least take me to LA so I can visit Japanese bookstores down there. I finished scanning Chocola 2001 by Koge Donbo last week. That was a thick book, took me a lot longer to edit too. It sucks when a page has more than 1 illustrations, I have to change my scan resolution settings to 600DPI. It takes a lot longer to scan =/

Avant ft. Nicole Scherzinger – Lie About Us

LA trip to Bookoff is well, off. I can scratch three things off my to-do list now. I just finished scanning the “Record of the Delfinian War” artbook. The Fiel Capilla project is also finalized. I will update my portfolio with new screenshots tomorrow.{nl}{nl}Scanning at 300DPI is a lot faster than at 600DPI. I tried to scan one of those Alichino illustration sheet and the file came out to be over 10MB (after Photoshop optimization). I guess if I buy another 1GB stick of DDR memory, I can scan freely at 600DPI without freezing my computer.{nl}{nl}I bought the “Record of the Delfinian War” artbook by Oki Mamiya last year. I looked over the book a few times but I never notice that there is a pullout poster in there. Anyways, the poster is gorgeous. Mamiya can draw very pretty girl as well.{nl}{nl}I went to Borders today. I spent about two hours reading manga there. Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden #5, June (interesting manhwa), and this new title from Shojo Beat, La Corda d

Chris Brown – Say Goodbye

School is over. I am so glad. I was all stressed out last week because of the finals. There were too many essays and tests to study for at once.{nl}{nl}I did many useful things over the past two days: paid for my hosting bills, designed a layout, updated Aethereality, scanned several artbooks, and worked on a project. I also updated my portfolio here on this site, added some new screenshots of my premade layouts.{nl}{nl}Once again, I forgot to add in screenshots of Valentine Gallery. Oh well, I’ll save that for next time.{nl}{nl}Things to do{nl}{nl}Scan Peach, Record of Delfinian Wars, and Chocola 2001 artbooks{nl}Complete Fiel Capilla{nl}Make a new design for Aethereality Gallery{nl}Update Aethereality on December 19th{nl}Finish Tina’s layout{nl}Buy more artbooks{nl}Go to Bookoff =]{nl}

P. Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole – Last Night

Sadly, I am still behind schedule. I have to rewrite my Gilgamesh & Siddhartha critical analysis essay and then cram for my bio final. Urrg, I have the all day yesterday free too but I procrastinated =/{nl}{nl}Nam finished putting my computer together on Monday. It turns out that I did not need to upgrade the motherboard, processor, and all those extra stuff because the problem is from the new case. Nam said some wires were messed up. I didn’t really need to spend so much. Nonetheless, the computer runs so fast now. I can finally scan at 600DPI. Scans from manga covers have never looked so perfect =] {nl}{nl}Urrg, I hate it when the sun hides behind the clouds and then reappear out of nowhere. Excessive/lack of light is annoying, especially when it happens in every five minutes.{nl}{nl}Okay, here is what I have to do today. Finish my other essay for history class and then take all the notes needed from McCauley’s lecture slideshows. Yes, if I can do all that today, I’d have more time to study for the actual bio final on tomorrow.

Danity Kane – Ride For You

My 1GB memory and cordless mouse arrive today. Amazon is awesome. They emailed my about shipping yesterday and the mouse is in my mailbox today. Anyways, I hope Nam can help me put everything tonight. I missed my computer. Thuan’s desktop is getting on my nerve. Nothing works.{nl}{nl}Many things to do this weekend and next week, I have to write three essays. Two for my history classes and a ten page research paper for English. How fun is that.{nl}{nl}Tentative Schedule{nl}{nl}Fri, Sat, & Sun – 10 pages of literature research paper{nl}Mon – 4 pages of Christianity & Islam essay{nl}Tues – 4 pages of Gilgamesh & Siddhartha’s critical analysis essay{nl}Wed – review tests and quizzes for bio. work on first essay question{nl}Thurs – review and work on last 3 essay questions.{nl}{nl}{nl}Next Friday is my last day of class. Yay! I am almost free. I have to call in for jury duty on the following Monday though =/