Danity Kane – Stay With Me

Gosh, why am I so lazy? Here I am, sitting around doing practically nothing and yet I can’t get myself to open my textbook =/ Bio Midterm is next Tuesday and I am behind on my reading too. {nl}{nl}Things I must do by Monday{nl}{nl}Read about Locomotion{nl}Review for bio midterm{nl}Essay questions for bio midterm{nl}Read bio text{nl}Essay on Wuthering Heights movies{nl}Read King Lear{nl}Read Chapter 20 from history text{nl}Starts on history essays{nl}{nl}{nl}I went to a wedding last week. It was nice. All Vietnamese wedding receptions are alike anyway. Food was great too. The restaurant is the same as the one my uncle’s wedding was held at. {nl}{nl}Shelly and I ended up wearing matching dresses. I couldn’t find any black shoes without ankle strap so ended up wearing these gold slip-on heels. The match the yellow/gold dots on my dress well. They were pretty but they hurt so bad.{nl}{nl}Eh, my camera sucks. It can only take super nice and clear photo outdoor and during the day. Photos taken at night are not so good. The color is off. Anyways, my dad said he is going to get a new camera soon, so yay!