Emily Bronte – Wuthering Heights

I woke up this morning and it is already 9:44 am. Class starts at 9:30. It would take me at least 20 minutes to get ready and another 20 minutes to drive to school. By the time I get there, I would have 10 minutes left of class. Therefore, I decided to stay home I felt so guilty when my aunt calls me later in the afternoon asking if I just got home from school =/{nl}{nl}Useful thing I did today: complete a design for my client. I started many drafts before did but decided to scrap them afterward because I lost interest. I kind of like this one. The color scheme is very pretty. I hope my clients think the same. {nl}{nl}Not so useful thing I did today: watch drama. Yep, I start my morning with a few episodes of Journey to the West II and then Dark Tales II. I loved these series when I was young. Stuff I find intriguing back then just seems lame when I re-watch these series. {nl}{nl}I drove my aunt and mommy to this Vietnamese restaurant today (Friday). My mom thinks I am still traumatized from the little incident last Friday. In a way, I think I am. Probably not from the incident but I have this fear of driving now. It is nerve wrecking every time I try to park my car.{nl}{nl}On-going dramas{nl}{nl}The Handsome Siblings/Proud of Twins (15/40){nl}Journey to the West (27/30){nl}Journey to the West II (30/64){nl}Dark Tales II (15/30){nl}

Nicolas Tse – The Handsome Siblings Theme

I am tired and it is only Monday. I wasted my entire weekends studying nothing. {nl}{nl}Things to do – by Thursday{nl}{nl}Biology – Read chapter 42 & 45{nl}Biology – Midterm reviews{nl}Math – Chapter 7 homeworks{nl}Math – Review old quizzes{nl}{nl}{nl}I hate math. Biology is confusing but it is still much better. I need to do a lot of makeup reading now because Bio midterm is this Thursday and math exam follows on Friday. I got an A in my essay but flunked my first math quiz last week. So it all evens out =/. Hmm, time to hit the book.

F. Scott Fitzerald – The Great Gatsby

I didn’t have to time to do everything listed in the to-do’s list from my last post. I spent an entire Saturday shopping with my mom and Shelly. I got myself a whole bunch of shirts from GAP and a jacket and a skirt similar to the one Thuan has but in black. Clothes are going “tagless” now, yay :D{nl}{nl}The weather is wacky these days. It was so warm on Tues and gets a lot colder on Wednesday. It rained hard when I got out of class. I was so wet when I got to my car. Still, I did some resourceful stuff today: go to the bank and mail out a package.{nl}{nl}I also picked up two copies of The Little Mermaid DVDs today. I got lost trying to get to Best Buy because I missed an exit and I don’t remember where the store is. I was told that Best Buy give out free plushies with the DVDs purchase. It’s only been two days since the DVDs release date and there’s no plushie toy left =/{nl}{nl}Things to do{nl}{nl}English – Finish the Great Gatsby{nl}Biology – Read Chapter 42 & 45{nl}History – Read Chapter 4 & 6{nl}Projects – Look Spark{nl}Others – Mail out payment{nl}Others – Clean my room{nl}Others – Return stuff{nl}Others – Flu Shots{nl}Others – Buy more food{nl}