Lam Nhat Tien – Dinh Gio Hu

I usually ask eBay sellers these questions before buying Disney DVDs.{nl}{nl}{nl}Does it come with cardboard slipcover?{nl}Is it authentic? {nl}Does it have the Buena Vista seal/stamp in the back?{nl}May I see photos of actual product? {nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}The first one is because I am fussy and I can’t stand seeing my DVD looking “naked.” Slipcovers that open like a book are my favorite. So pretty =]{nl}{nl}The latter are because of the import/bootlegging problems. It’s freakin’ annoying to see a long list of bootlegged DVDs listed on eBay. I don’t understand why eBay won’t delete these accounts. {nl}{nl}There are loads of high quality bootlegged DVDs on Ebay now and I don’t mean the easy-to-tell Asian import or 1-disc DVD in an original 2-dsic DVD set.{nl}{nl}I have seen bootlegged copies of Snow White and Beauty and the Beast circulating on eBay a lot lately. They both come in two discs set, inserts, new and sealed. Beauty and the Beast even come with a slipcover. However, they are both bootleg. The Snow White DVD doesn’t come in the double-alpha pak case as the authentic version.

Sean Paul – Give It To Me

I woke up way too early today, 8:06am. That’s merely six hours of sleep. I stayed up late last night working on a project. I am almost done coding the side menu. The content area is a lot more work and I am still trying to figure out how to make the menu work. Anyway, I guess I have to continue what I left off again today.{nl}{nl}{nl}Thuan moved to her dorm a couple days ago. It feels a little weird without her around. Yeah, I guess I do miss her, maybe just for a little.{nl} {nl}{nl}I went to Berkeley with Danny on Saturday to drop Thuan off her dorm. She did not pack that much stuff but carrying everything up five flights of stairs was horrible. We did not use the elevator because the line was long, way too long.{nl}{nl}{nl}Danny, Steven, and I went to Great America on the same day. It was fun. We came there late though. The lines to some of the roller coasters are short, roughly 20-30 minutes each. I get to go on a couple rides that I was not able to go on before since no one would come with me.

Shakira ft. Wycef – Hips Don’t Lie

I am hungry. I woke up with a headache this morning. {nl}{nl}I passed my chem class, fortunately. I can relax and enjoy the rest of my summer now. Well, not exactly since I have many projects to finish up/work on.{nl}{nl}Things to do{nl}{nl}{nl}Project – Valentine Gallery{nl}Project – PSAT9{nl}Project – Snap Tint{nl}Project – Maharani Restaurant{nl}Project – Vlobby{nl}{nl}{nl}Hehe, all these will keep my busy until school resume.

Augustana – Boston

I am done with school. Time to chill and relax now! I mailed my camera a couple weeks ago to Canon for them to repair it and they sent it back yesterday. The camera works like new. I can start taking photos instead of scanning every time now.{nl}{nl}Speaking of scanning, I have been scanning a lot lately. It does not take as much time if the book the hard bounded. The whole process to scan and edit a 100-page book took me less than 3 hours instead of half a day like before. My computer used to freezes whenever I ran too many software at the same time.{nl}{nl}My Disney DVDs collection is growing. Here is the up to date list.{nl}{nl}{nl}The Emperor’s New Groove{nl}The Emperor’s New Groove: Kronk’s New Groove{nl}The Lion King Platinum Edition{nl}Treasure Planet{nl}Mulan Special Edition{nl}Bambi Platinum Edition{nl}Cinderella Platinum Edition{nl}The Lion King Collector’s Gift Set{nl}Anastasia Family Fun Edition{nl}Beauty and the Beast Platinum Edition{nl}Tarzan Special Edition{nl}{nl}{nl}There are still many titles I want but I am too fussy when it does not come with slipcovers.

Brooke Hogan ft. Paul Wall – About Us

Happy August.{nl}{nl}Hmm, I never did get a chance to finish what I was blogging last time. Oh well. Four more days of school and I am done. Let’s just hope I’ll pass. Otherwise, I will just take the placement test.{nl}{nl}Time for bed.