Vanessa Williams – Color of the Wind

Eeps, I have not blog at all this month. That is so bad. I need at least three posts for my monthly archives. {nl}{nl}{nl}Here is a quick recap of what happened during the past three weeks. On Fourth of July, I went to Del Valle Lake in the day and Berkeley Marina at night. It was fun but I was too tired afterward. I have early class the following day too. Anyway, I will post some photos up the next time I update this site.{nl}{nl}{nl}Del Valle was fun. It has been forever since I last played volleyball. I never liked the sport because I could never serve. I am getting better at serving now though. It was my first time being on a raft. It took me a while to learn to paddle since we were going against the wind. {nl}{nl}{nl}Berkeley Marina was disappointing. The fireworks were short and the finale wasn’t that great. I get to walk across a freeway bridge for the first time. It was awesome. I wish my camera were still working; otherwise, I would be taking photos of the cars from the freeway bridge.