Nguyen Phi Hung – Dang Em

I woke up at 6 AM to take my math final on Thursday morning. It wasn’t hard, but not that easy either. Spring 2006 quarter is officially over for me today. Summer quarter starts next Monday though. I am so not looking forward to it.{nl}{nl}Things to do{nl}{nl}Projects – Valentine Gallery{nl}Projects – Anime Books{nl}Others – Earthquake Emergency Kit{nl}{nl}{nl}I’m booked until August 12th. It sucks that by the time I’ll be free, everyone else is going back to school.

Natalie – What You Gonna Do

Last day of Geography today, I missed my chance. The final for that class was hard. I have another final tomorrow and I am done with spring 2006.{nl}{nl}I am going to collect Disney DVDs now.{nl}{nl}{nl}Aladdin{nl}Bambi{nl}Beauty and the Beast{nl}Cinderella {nl}Lady and the Tramp{nl}Mulan{nl}Pocahontas{nl}Sleeping Beauty{nl}Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs{nl}Tarzan{nl}The Fox and the Hound{nl}The Little Mermaid{nl}The Lion King{nl}The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride{nl}

Lam Nhat Tien & Minh Tuyet – Yeu Mai Ngan Nam

I finally finished my 8-page research paper for English on Sunday night. It took me an eternity and I ended up writing random stuff in order to fill up all eight pages. No school tomorrow so I have plenty of time to write another research paper for Geography, this time it is only five pages as well as study for final for that class. How fun is that? {nl}{nl}Things to do{nl}{nl}Geography – research{nl}Geography – final paper{nl}Geography – review for final{nl}Misc – go to post office{nl}Misc – buy banh pho{nl}{nl}{nl}Hehe, I spent several hours reading Wikipedia. That place is nifty. I stumble on many topics including fairytales, those mainly published by Andrew Lang in his collection of Fairy Books. Below are my favorites.

Toni Braxton – Trippin’

Name-calling and profanity are refuges to a weak argument. Haha, I can’t believe the she even has her boyfriend sending me threatening email about hacking{nl}{nl}This is quite amusing since never has anyone takes from me, turn around, and insult me like that. Oh well, this 4-month-old site is getting too much attention than it deserved. {nl}{nl}Lets think about it this way. If I buy two shirts and someone comes along and take it. That person is obviously stealing. Right? Just because I didn