Nickel Back – Far Away

Version 2.0 of is up. Isn’t it pretty? This was suppose to be another new theme for but I figured this site needs a new look.{nl}{nl}I made something very nice yesterday but my computer when ballistic and shut it off. When I finally get to boot it back on, the PSD for the design was corrupted. I tried my best to do a remake but it failed miserably. Screw my computer. This new remake is from that design. It looks nowhere near the one I lost, but still, I like it a lot.{nl}{nl}I listened to Toni Braxton – Trippin’ while making the design. That song put me in a web design mood every time. Plus, I’m in a very good mood lately.{nl}{nl}I also updated my portfolio with several new projects. I forgot to take a screenshot of the previous version; otherwise, it would have been a part of my portfolio as well.

Toni Braxton – Trippin’

I want to change this layout badly. It has been ten months since this design has been online. The gold is really getting on my nerve.{nl}{nl}I hate my English class, so boring. I almost felt asleep during my 50 minutes there. Somehow, the professor seems so intimidating to me. According to some of my classmates, he is a lot easier than other professors are at assigning homework and projects. Urrg, I have a research paper due at the end of the quarter too. *not so thrilled*{nl}{nl}Cultural Geography on the other hand is a blast, well not exactly. Everyone falls asleep in that class but I was looking forward to it everyday. I am not looking for tall guys anymore. Well-sculpted lifeguard can be so hot. Hehe.{nl}{nl}My Eden no Hana manga arrived today. Vietnamese translation of manga is too hard to understand. I gave up after struggling with the first four volumes.

Lifehouse – You and Me

I’m a horrible typist. There is probably a whole bunch of spelling and grammatical errors that I’m too lazy to fix in this post. {nl}{nl}Something is wrong with me today. I hit another car while backing out today. Granted, this is my fault for being too goddamn careless. There is no damage done to the other though. However, there are several scratches and paint chips on the right bumper of my car. {nl}{nl}Not only was that, another car “pushes” me again while on driving on the freeway fifteen minutes later. The side of vehicle slammed into the passenger side of my car and ran off afterward. For a moment, I lost my grip of the steering wheel. I was so sure there would be a lot of damage; however, the side of my car appears to be flawless without any slight scratch. Weird. {nl}{nl}I thought my dad was going to skin me alive after showing him the car. He took it better than I expected. When I call him, he asks before I even say anything, “what happen? You got into an accident?” He seems calm about it at first and got so mad later. My mom on the other hand is amazingly cool about the whole thing, which is strange for her.

Sun Nan & Han Hong – Mei Li De Shen Hua

Found this in an old xanga post. I’m not sure where it comes from but it’s pretty darn true.{nl}{nl}Your answers suggest you are a Strategist{nl}The four aspects that make up this personality type are:{nl}Summary of Strategists [image] {nl}{nl}Quiet, easy-going and intellectually curious {nl}Use logical, objective thinking to find original solutions to problems {nl}Think of themselves as bright, logical and individualistic {nl}May be impractical, forgetting practical issues, such as paying bills or doing the shopping {nl}{nl}{nl}More about Strategists {nl}{nl}Strategists are quiet people who like to get to the heart of tough problems on their own and come up with innovative solutions. They analyse situations with a sceptical eye and develop ways of measuring everything, including themselves.{nl}{nl}Strategists are the group most likely to say they are unhappy in their job, according to a UK survey. Strategists are generally easy-going. They are intellectually curious and enjoy abstract ideas. Sometimes they like thinking of a solution to a problem more than taking practical steps to solve it.{nl}{nl}In situations where they can’t use their talents, are unappreciated, or not taken seriously, Strategists may become negatively critical or sarcastic. Under extreme stress, Strategists could be prone to inappropriate, tearful or angry outbursts.Strategists may be insensitive to the emotional needs of others or how their behaviour impacts the people around them. {nl}{nl}Strategist Careers {nl}Strategists are often drawn to technical or scientific careers, where specialist knowledge is required. They also seem to enjoy jobs that involve long-term planning, abstract thinking or design.